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When you are found by a basset, don't let go, part two

by Joy Wilhide
(Lenexa, KS)

Our cat, Heidi, needed a check up at the vet so my husband and I and Max (Our Basset Hound) went with her. My husband and Max dropped off Heidi and I with the doctor and went shopping at the pet shop connected with thge vet office.

It happened to be pet adoption day at the pet store. Brian and Max dropped by to see the foster dogs and the happened to be a little girl basset, three months old looking for a home. Her brother had already been adopted. My youngest daughter had just moved away and Brian thought maybe I needed a new baby to cheer me up. He brought over to the vet office and tapped on thgecwindow of the exam room where Heidi and I were waiting for the doctor.

I looked out the window and there sat the most adorable basset puppy, with feet as big as saucers and long velvety ears draping down to her toes. Love at first site. Her foster parents had named her Michelle. We kept that name. Perfect, now we had Max and Michelle.

Max had no idea what was about to happen to his life. We left Michelle with the vet to be checked and then she would go to the groomer after for a bath. We took Heidi and Max home. As far as Max knew it was life as usual.

When it was time to pick up Michelle, she scampered to the area where all the foster dogs had been but they were long gone. She was tired from her long day and looked so sad that she was there but all the other dogs were gone. She plopped down in a dog bed on the bottom shelf of a display and fell asleep. We bought puppy food, a leash and collar and the bed she had picked out and brought her home.

When we arrived at home, Max who had not come with us to get Michelle greeted us at the door. Brian let him out and I picked up sleepy Michelle and sat her on the side walk. When they saw each other Michelle perked up and was all wiggled a squiggles so happy to see she had a new big brother. Max on the other hand looked at us in disbelief, as if to say, "What were you thinking? We don't need a puppy!"

That night at bed time, Max plopped into his bed and Michelle came bouncing along and hopped next to him to snuggle. He was not going to do that and chased her away. We put her bed next to his. He let out a humph and closed his eyes to sleep while she looked sadly andcadoringly at him.

It took a little time but they became best buddies. Where ever we went with them they brought smiles and laughter to people. One basset is cute but two together are just so comical you can't help but laugh. Those brought so much joy to our lives.

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