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Webkinz Basset Hound

A Popular Stuffed Animal with a Twist

Have you heard of Webkinz? Be prepared when your child says, "Can I please have a Webkinz!" These toys are extremely popular.

Here's a quick summary...

Webkinz are plush, stuffed animals that are sold at specialty stores and online for around $12.00 - $15.00 retail. They are made by a company called Ganz. Each animal comes with a secret code that can be used by the owner at the Webkinz web site to create an account.

Once an account is created, the animated version of the animal comes to life in the Webkinz World and you're given access to the site for one year. The Webkinz World allows you to adopt your pet, name it, and decide if it's a boy or a girl. You get $2000 in KinzCash when you adopt your pet as well as a virtual room for your pet.

After adopting your pet, you can use the KinzCash to decorate your room and buy food and clothes for your pet. Earn more KinzCash by playing games, answering trivia questions, and entering contests. You can also invite friends to visit your pet's room.

You'll need to care for your Webkinz pet daily in order to keep it happy and healthy. If you neglect your pet, it will become sick. Don't worry, it won't die and you can nurse it back to good health.

While Ganz markets Webkinz to children ages 6-13, teenagers and adults seem to love them too.

To view the complete Webkinz collection of stuffed animals, visit the Webkinz web site and click on the Webkinz Catalog button.

Webkinz Basset Hound
Retired, But Still Available!

There are a few Webkinz animals that have been retired, including the Basset Hound. A retired Webkinz is no longer being created. But, the codes are still valid and can be used on the web site.

It seems that these popular toys have become quite a collectors' item, especially the retired ones. As I'm writing this article, I just checked eBay for the retired Webkinz Cheeky Cat. There's an auction that will go off in about six hours for one that's brand new. It currently has 18 bids and is up to $223.00. Wow, all that for a stuffed animal!

Not ready to dish out that much money? Check out the catalog at the Webkinz web site. There are many others that are not retired and sell for the retail price of around $12.00 - $15.00.

Where to Buy Webkinz Basset Hound

Because the Basset Hound has been retired from the Webkinz collection, i.e. it's no longer being created, supply is limited. But if you really need to have one, there are a few places online where this stuffed pet is still to be found.

Expect to Pay More

Because supply is limited, expect to pay more than retail for retired Webkinz. How much more? Well, I did some research and here's what I've found for the Basset Hound...

Lil' Kinz
The Lil' Kinz, which is a smaller version of this Webkinz pet, is not officially retired. But, from what I've read, retailers can no longer order it. Therefore, it's rare and most online stores are out of stock.

Check the Amazon product links to the right to get an idea of current prices.

Sometimes you can get a good deal on eBay. So be sure to scroll down and check below for eBay prices.

Full Size Webkinz
The full sized version is retired and is out of stock in many online stores. It currently sells for much more than the Lil' Kinz. Prices from online shops range from about $40 to $70.

Again, check the Amazon product links for pricing and below for eBay deals.

For Sale Right Now on eBay

Below is just a sample of Webkinz Basset Hound pets for sale right now online at eBay...

Lil' Kinz Basset Hound
Remember, this is the smaller, cheaper version. Scroll down for the full sized version.


Retired Basset Hound (Full Size)
This is the more expensive, full sized version.


Good luck in your search for Webkinz!

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