by Lexi
(Nashville Tn)

He's a frog dog!

He's a frog dog!

Copenhagen enjoys playing with any type of toy, but what he LOVES and CAN NOT resist is water!!! He has the time of his life splashing in puddles, creeks, the bath. When he goes to grandma's his favorite thing to do is play in the baby pool!!! He's so happy splashing around and having the time of his life. I love playing with him in the water like he's a baby duckling!!!

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Love the photo...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Given that my Basset Hound can't stand the water, I wouldn't believe that others actually LOVE the water. But, I guess your photo proves it (hilarious!).

We have a pool and my Basset Hound, Hunter, wants nothing to do with it. He'll hang out around it and all. But, we just can't seem to get him to go in. My vet said, "He's not stupid!". He knows that swimming is not an easy activity for him, given that a lot of his weight is in the front. He knows that he'll sink after a while. She recommended getting him a dog vest to help him stay afloat if we can ever coax him to go in and enjoy it.

When he was a puppy, he actually ran and jumped right into a pool (not ours) because he saw another puppy do it. I couldn't believe it when I saw him running like that for the pool. But, after he got in, he immediately wanted out and has never gone in since.

Does Copenhagen like getting a bath? My Hunter can't stand it. He'll actually run and hide when he hears the word "BATH".

Anyway, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your story. Enjoy Copenhagen and the water!

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