Water Bottles.

by Dani
(Orem, Utah)

Our playful basset LOVES to chew on water bottles. He's loved it since he was weeks old. They used to last a few days, now they hardly last minutes. Somehow our puppy figured how to get the cap off of the water bottles. Don't worry - he doesn't even get close to swallowing it. In fact, he takes off the cap and then starts tossing it around the room and chasing it. He definitely can entertain himself. He likes to do this with balls and stuffed animals too. We also bought him a squeaky rubber chicken that he likes to toss around. We've found ourselves sitting on the couch for hours watching him entertain himself.

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mine too
by: Anonymous

I actually have a video of my basset playing fetch with a big Hawaiian punch bottle in my kitchen i found it quite odd but my dogs love them.

Very unique...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Thanks for writing about your playful Basset Hound. It's great that he is able to keep himself busy. Sounds like he keeps you entertained too. Enjoy!

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