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Training tips

by Jennifer
(Rexburg, ID )

Nana is our 6 month old basset hound. She is very sweet, as most bassets are. She follows us around and loves to cuddle with us. She is also super friendly especially to people.

I think our biggest problem in the beginning (we got her at 9 weeks) was being able to leave her alone without having her bark and whine. We were especially worried at night because we live in an apartment and she was making all kinds of horrible noises in her crate. We tried to just leave her alone because we had heard that as new puppies you should just let them cry so they learn that crying and barking doesn't get them attention. However, because of our apartment living situation and not wanting our neighbors to complain we started having one of us sleep next to her crate. We did that for a few nights and left to sleep in our own bed as soon as she was asleep. That made things more peaceful but she was still waking up in the middle of the night having to go potty. So we learned when she would typically wake up in the middle of the night and wake up just a little bit before she would and wake her up to take her out so that she didn't have to wake up and cry. And after maybe a week or two of making her wake up earlier than she wanted to made her sleep longer and stop whining in the middle of the night.

I read the potty training section on this site and wanted to add how we potty trained our basset. We tried the pee pads and she wasn't really catching on to that. We didn't have a crate for her to go in so I think it was all confusing for her when we were upset she didn't go on the little square of paper.
We decided to bell train her and she caught on really fast! We just got some old Christmas bells and tied them around the door handle. The steps are pretty easy and you can find a step-by-step guide online somewhere. Simply put, we just had her ring the bell with her nose and opened the door and gave her a treat once she was outside. We just had to watch her the first few days for signs that she needed to go out and rang the bells and rushed her outside for her to do her business and praised her to death and gave her treats. I was really surprised how fast she caught on because Basset Hounds are notoriously stubborn and hard to train. But with the right encouragement and rewards she was really eager to ring those bells and do her business.

I hope some of this helped any of you new owners or soon-to-be new owners. It is definitely a lot of work but the rewards from owning probably the sweetest dog breed around!

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Mar 26, 2015
Thanks for sharing
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing this advice and sweet story. I belive that most of the basset hound owners hole over the world, do sleep with their basset hound in one or other way. We do have 5 basset hounds, and gess what?, all sleep together with us. All do have their place in the bed. Princess snowhite in the middel between us on her own cousin, follow afther by Dolly. On my other side I sleep with Guffen. Donald and Fred is sleeping at the end of our feets. If I hav emy grandchild to sleep over, I use a second bed close to ours, so all get a space. And they sleep tru the hole night, except if we do not hav ethe fox or deer on a visit in our garden. Then they are making noices and will go outside. Of course it is a no no. The tip of using a bell was good. Thanks for sharing it. And basset hounds may learn diffrent tasks. Ours do sirkus trix, the tracking hurt deers (blood -track), they look for other runaways dogs and do find them (by using the smeller metodes, same as dogs looking for drugs at custums). And they are realy good. So keep on learning your basset something. Love Astrid and Morten from Norway. on facebook as Astrid Grendstad

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