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To Love a Bassett named Buford T. Justice

by Valerie Jozwick
(Bronx, New York)

My husband and I had just moved from NY to Las Vegas, NV in 2002. We had wanted to adopt a dog, no particular breed. We had visited a Pet Smart store location for a special adoption event they were having. We feel in love with a beautiful little girl with back problems. Sad part was that we had plans to fly back to NY for a weeks vacation to see family. So we decided that it would not be fair nor the right thing to do as to leave the dog for a week.

So, we figured that if she was still available when we got back from our trip...she would be ours. When we explained this to the rescue organizer, she was very happy that we put the dogs needs first but told us that the dog was adopted. My husband and I were sad but happy she had gotten a home.

About 2 to 3 weeks later, the woman from the rescue called us with great news. She had received a call from a pet hospital that the rescue works with. They had a Basset male that was abandoned by his owner. The pup was 2 years old and already fixed. She wanted to know if we wanted to have a meet and greet....we jumped at the chance.

She had told us that his name was Meatball. So they come over and I'm sitting on the floor with the front door wide open and he comes running up the stairs and almost knocks me over...kisses everywhere. He was NOT a meatball.....He was a Buford for sure. He even answered to it when I called him. My husband was laughing, the dog had run into our kitchen and pooped on the floor...yes pooped right there in the middle of the floor.

Not a doubt in our minds that Buford T. Justice was ours. He was our family, our 4 legged boy that came everywhere with us. He loved car rides, the longer the better. He loved the ladies too. A really laddies man (doggie) When my husband passed away, we drove across the country and back to NY. He was the best copilot ever!

He had every allergy known to man, and on a July 4th holiday decided to eat a pair of ladies undies and had to have emergency surgery to remove the item. He had degenerative disc disease. This had gotten worse over time and with age. On a Tuesday morning, he collapsed and couldn't get up. He gave me "the look" that look as if to say, I love you Mom but it's time for me to go.

This was the hardest thing I have ever done. It ranked up there with laying my husband to rest. So I took him to Pet SMart, he loved his doctors and all the ladies that worked in the Bainfiled Pet Hospital. They were so sad and actually cried with me. They were amazing in the care and treatment they gave to my boy and to myself.

I have his ashes. Miss him terribly.

That is my story of loving a basset named Buford.
Thank you for reading.


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