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St John, New Brunswick, Canada

by Nancy
(Gardner, MA, USA)

Oh, my little Britt! Such memories! It was in September, 1997 that I decided to try to get A Canadian title on my dog.

I really didn’t have much money to spend on a motel that would let me bring a dog in with me, so I borrowed a tent, a blow up mattress, a two burner propane stove, sleeping bag, groceries, and headed out by car to St. John, New Brunswick. In Canada, you could acquire an obedience degree with a four day show under just a couple of judges, and so it was that I headed out for Canada with high hopes of getting that degree.

We stayed at a campground about twenty miles from the show. I worried that night because it poured rain, but the tent proved warm and cozy. Britt was staked outside but the lead was long enough for her to come into the tent so she slept by my side.

How well she did at the shows! Never had she been better and placed second or third every time she went into the ring. How very much I had needed that because I was so low from a recent separation that I almost didn’t go to Canada.

I will never forget that time with her! She traveled well and everyone loved her.

Rest in peace, my little Springer. Thank you, sweetheart.

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