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Rubber meat

by Ruby

My 10 month old Basset puppy Derfy LOVES to play with her favourite toy: a rubber chew toy in the shape of a chunk of meat (with a fake rubber bone through the middle!). She'll fetch it, play tug with it, playfight the other dogs for it, and drop it next to me as a little "gift" when she's done. Awww...

Whenever I get it our of her little toy box she gets all excited, and starts spinning and getting all excited. Sometimes I'll even use it during training.

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Have fun!
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Sounds like you and Derfy have lots of fun together. My Basset Hound does that spinning thing too when he gets all excited. Spins around with his tail wagging happily in the air while barking excitedly.

Have fun playing with and training your puppy. I'm sure she's absolutely adorable!

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