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Pretty Katie

by Ashley

My boyfriend got her from a woman who was going to have her put down because it was her husband's dog, and he had just passed away. As a birthday surprise, I got home from work and a beautiful red and white Basset Hound came lumbering toward me with those big, sad eyes.

We've learned a lot about the breed, being that this was our first dog living on our own. She was primarily used as a breeding dog, but we have since had her spayed and she spends the warm, summer days in the shade of maple trees on a long run behind our rented house.

And to think, she was going to be put down, as healthy and pretty as she was. She's our Katie now, and she was the best birthday gift ever!

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Jul 27, 2009
Rescued two
by: Debra

I have two rescued bassets. Belle was rescued 10 years ago from a family that kept her outside to guard the property while they were building a house, then kept her locked in a spare bathroom once the house was finished. Bailey was rescued 3 years ago from a family on the west side of Michigan. They were moving and didn't want to take her so they were going to take her to the pound.

Thanks so much for opening your heart to unwanted hounds.

Jul 10, 2009
That's great!
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Sounds like Katie has a great home and a loving owner now!

Jul 08, 2009
I have one too
by: Wanda

I have a basset that was about to be put to sleep and he's red and white also. I love him he's the most precious thing.

Also, send us a pic. I'd love to see her.

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