Pound Puppy turned Hospice Helper!

by Billy Cullins
(San Angelo, Texas, USA)

My mom adopted a wonderful 2-3 month old basset puppy from our local shelter. At first he was very shy and very afraid of everything!

In a period of about 6 months he made a complete turn around. Mom began working with him (his name is Bubba) and then she began taking him to Doggie classes. The teacher thought he would make a great therapy dog.

Bubba is now a proud, registered therapy dog and loves taking trips to the hospital to sit with sick people and be petted all day long. He is quite the charmer!

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Sep 13, 2018
Relief From Greif
by: Dennis Hendricks

I have had many different breeds of dogs in my 62 years but none compare to my Bassets. In February we lost our female that was 12 years old. And 12 years before that we lost our first female basset. I immediately found a puppy as I did in February. Our grief was replaced with so much joy from the new puppy. She is in training to be my service dog since I stroked a couple years ago. We just adopted two that were bound to the ARL. They are male and female 10 and 12 years old. They immediately fit right into our family. I failed to mention Moses. He is 15 years old and was the mate to the first and second female and when each one passed he mourned and mourned in a way that literally forced me to my knees balling like a newborn. What am I saying? I say when your basset passes away the best cure for your unbearable greif is to get another adult or puppy get another. Maggie and I are now inseparable and I love her sooooo much!!!

Mar 04, 2018
When a basset finds you dont let go
by: Anonymously joyful

We had two basset. One came to us as a stray. The other we adopted as a puppy from a foster home. When the stray showed up we had no idea what to do with him so we put him in the backyard for the night and start looking h for his family the next day. We woke up to howling. He came back in. It was three months before we found d his owner. By then he was part of the family. We were actually hearty His back story: he was given to his previous owner who had cancer by his wife as a companion during his illness. The family minced to a new home after the husband passed away. But the dog kept running away which was so frustrating for the widow. It turned out that he was returning to the previous home looking for his master. We watched the van leave with Max, our name for him. We were in tears. About thirty minutes later, we got a call. The lady said Max started howling when she drove awayand wouldn't stop. She wanted to know if we wanted to keep him. If course we did. Max had bonded too my husband and was sad to go. He came bask and shared out home with all his basset quirkiness for 8 years until he passed away at age 12 from cancer. He was such a clown and we loved him dearly.

Nov 25, 2015
What a beautiful hound you've got
by: Nicky

I can almost see the love and care for people in your dogs eyes. What a beautiful well looked after dog you've got. I just hope that when its my very last second on earth that my Basset named Juniper will be in my arms.

Nov 11, 2015
I know a great basset
by: Ellen

Our relative had cancer . Her basset Daisy was such a comfort to her. We recently lost Daisy's master. We are lucky to puppy sit Daisy and know her because she was so loyal to her master. I say basslets rule.

Jul 14, 2015
so adorable
by: jessie

i also have a basset and they are no cute and smart,, i know some people think of them diffently but they are really good companion,,

Mar 13, 2013

by: Anonymous

I can't think of a more loving dog breed that can carry on such duty. Thank you for so generously sharing Bubba with others that need him.

Dec 31, 2011
looks like mine
by: Anonymouspaulinet

This bassete looks a lot like mine I lost due to liver cancer the day before thanksgiving it brought a tear to me as I miss him so much!

Dec 04, 2011
That's Awesome...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

What an accomplishment! He's beautiful. I bet the patients at the hospital love him. So glad he was saved.

I'd like to do that some day too. Thanks for the photo and for sharing his story. Love his coloring.

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