Pinokio took my hearth

by Astrid

Dolly got 11 puppies in May 2012. One of them was a small litle male, only 167 gram big. He was to litle to suck on Dollys tits, so I needed to feed him With a pipette. I used milk for dog puppies, and evry 3 hours I feeded him. Pinokio got Cold fast, so for keep him warm I carried him in a pink wollen jacket, like a wom. There he was Close to my body. To get contackt With his mum, I used to look afther him when she took care of him. Pinokio has to become stimulated to pie and get read of his "skit". So with a small paper or Cotton I helped him, by softly use some press around his poning back. Then it came. Pinokio got his name because he was not talking true were he was, only 3 days old he was on the floor. Sniffing up my feet, and whanted to come up. During night time those first two weeks I slept Close to Dolly and the cub. During night time some of the puppies came under my blancket. Uasally in the morning or when I Wake up to feed Pinokio there were several of the puppies under my blancket Close to my body. Dolly was a little sick because of a infection afther the surgery (6 puppies came by themselfes and the rest by surgery). Pinokio look like a salamander in his body shape. But he was full of life, he whant to live, to become a big basset hound one day. He was vital ond mowed a lot. All who came and visit us that time fell in love to litle Pinokio. They loved him. Children and others. Evryone whanted to hold him and give him attention. And he just loved it. I loved him a lot. But who whant to have him? Who should I trust to give him too? Did I whant to give him away? A lot of qustions. One day a lady from Skien Call me, and asked about the puppies, their caracter and so on. I told her about them and also Pinokio. He was last, I was not sure to even talk about him. Afther I was finish, she sad, I will raise him up and give him what he need. At 8 weeks sheck up at the vet, Pinokio was 1/3 as big as the rest of them. But he was so sweet. So he needed a lot of warm, right Food to grow up and a lot of love. Pinokio become Fred, and mowed to Skien. He soon become a great dog.

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