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Oz hide and seek

by lindy
(south africa)

Oz loves playing hide and seek, he will sit in the room waiting while you go and run and he hears you calling his name he is out and about does not take him long to find you.

Oz love's big soft chewy toys and plays with them all around in the house, outside and when we go holiday they come to.

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Josie hide and seek
by: Deanna

My basset Josie is 4 months old.... She also loves to play hide and seek....... When I hide I call her with a soft voice and if she cant find me right away she whines...... But she will still look until she finds me.... Then she gives me a lot of kisses and rolls over and gets her belly rubbed...

by: Lindy

Oz has been lazy the past week getting out off bed at 11 and wanting kisses and hug non stop, just try to ignore him you would be sowi, he comes sitting infront of you and starts crying while pushing you with his nose

by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Love the name! I'll have to try hide and seek with my Basset Hound. Thanks for sharing.

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