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Is Owning a Basset Hound for Me?

3 Steps to Help You Decide

Years ago when I was considering a dog, specifically a Basset Hound, I had many questions. Some of my questions were:

  • What's involved in owning a dog?
  • Do I have time for a dog?
  • Is the Basset Hound the right breed for me?

At the time, both my husband and I worked full time, away from home. We were busy.

I knew that bringing a dog into my life would be an additional responsibility and I wanted to make the right decision. So my husband and I did some research. We searched the internet, read some books, and spoke with knowledgeable people.

After all that, we decided ... yes, let's get a Basset Hound! Was it the right decision? You bet.

Here I am with my new puppy... Isn't he cute!

Me with my Basset Hound puppy

Hunter and me
More Pictures

If you're thinking about the possibility of owning a Basset Hound, you may have similar questions and you'll want to make a decision that's right for you. To do this, you'll need to spend time doing research and a considerable amount of self-reflection before bringing a Basset Hound or any other breed of dog into your life.

While owning a Basset Hound can be a wonderful experience, it's not for everyone. Here are three steps to help with your decision.

1. Make sure that you really want a dog

If you've been looking at pictures of Basset Hounds or have a friend that owns one, then you already know that they are really cute, especially Basset Hound puppies. But, don't get a Basset Hound or any other breed of dog on a whim.

First, read Dog Owner Responsibilities: A Commitment of Time, Energy, and Money to find out if you're ready for the responsibilities that come with owning a dog.

If you've decided that dog ownership is for you, then congratulations! You're ready to move on to step 2.

2. Determine if you're compatible with the breed

Have you decided what you and your family actually want from a dog?

There are many breeds and most likely you are compatible with more than one. Dogs come in many different shapes and sizes with various personalities and activity levels. It's important to select a breed that is suitable to your personality, lifestyle, needs, and wants.

With that in mind, I recommend the following articles which will help you determine if you're compatible with the Basset Hound.

A Detailed Basset Hound Breed Profile
The Basset Hound breed is a loving, mild-mannered, purebred dog. Learn more about his behavior, size, health and care, and personality.

Top Reasons for Choosing a Basset Hound
You may be compatible with this breed. Find out why.

Top Reasons Why Owning a Basset Hound is not for Everyone
While there are many positives to owning a Basset Hound, it's not for everyone. Find out why.

The Basset Hound Origin and Its Significance Today
Why is it important to learn about the breed's origin? Because, it will help you gain a better understanding of the Basset Hound's original purpose as well as enduring traits that are inherent in the breed today.

After reading the above recommended articles, are you still thinking about owning a Basset Hound? If so, then you're ready to move on to step 3.

3. Talk to breeders, owners, and / or a breed rescue organization

By reading books and articles you can learn a lot about the Basset Hound as well as other breeds. Additionally, thorough research will help you narrow your choice of breeds down to a few. But to gain more insight, nothing beats talking to an owner or a breeder about their experiences.

Of course, Basset Hound owners love talking about their dogs. They'll probably go on and on about how great their dog is and how you definitely should get one. Even so, you still may learn something.

Responsible breeders and rescue organizations have the best interests of the breed in mind and most likely will be happy to answer questions and help with your decision.

I highly recommend that you talk with breeders, owners and / or a rescue organization before making a final decision about owning a Basset Hound.

Here's an idea... Volunteer with a local rescue group to learn more about your breed(s) of interest. There are probably multiple rescues in your area for every breed of dog (sadly pet over population is a huge problem). If you are interested in a specific breed or even a mix, spending time with canines of all ages is a very good way to make sure that the dog you consider today, will be the same love of your life a decade from now.

Ready to Decide?

After thoroughly researching the breed, you'll be ready to make a fully informed decision. If you eventually do decide that owning a Basset Hound or any other breed of dog is for you, I wish you all the best in your adventures with your newly found friend and companion!



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My Basset Hound, Hunter

My dog, Hunter!
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