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Out and About with Beaux

by starrgirl
(SW Ohio)

This is my dog Beaux. He is a rescue poodle, weighing 13 pounds, that I bonded with and adopted from a rescue group. He is the love of my life.

I must tell you that I have had dogs before - they were family dogs, children's pets or strays that found their way into our home and hearts. But Beaux, dearest Beaux, was chosen to be a special companion.

You see, I am now an "empty nester". Where I once had a husband and children and pets and obligations to run them all over town at the drop of a hat for soccer practice and cross country training and violin or piano lessons, I now have all that time to myself. It is well-earned bliss! And I choose to share it with a companion who looks to me as the greatest invention since sliced bread. That would be Beaux - the most grateful rescue dog there ever was.

Beaux goes with me everywhere. If where we are heading does not accomodate a well-behaved dog, then we simply do not go. But since Beaux IS so well-behaved, we are welcome most anywhere. We have been to friend's houses, relative's abodes and various hotels that are dog-friendly. This makes both of us extremely happy.

At a recent family reunion, my nephew wanted so much to have Beaux sleep with him for the night. I consented, but I wasn't surprised when my nephew fell asleep and Beaux snuck loose from his grasp to spend the rest of the night with me. That's my loyal companion. Nothing deters him from my side except the occasional manners to try to float some companionable ideas.

I can only hope that you get a Beaux in your life. He is the best companion and friend I've ever had.

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