Our boy, Noodles

by Moe Sheldon
(Danville Va.)

We adopted Noodles from Basset Care in Va. He is a love.

We had recently lost our beloved Bloodhound, Doc. Our hearts were broken. He was adopted from Bloodhound rescue in Texas. Shortly after Doc's adoption we received a call that a beautiful girl needed a home. We named her Sophie. The house was filled with two Bloodhounds and their antics.

Many years ago we adopted Molly in Ca. She was so adorable and she was a Basset. She lived for 17yrs. As you can tell, we adore all hounds.

When Doc left us two yrs. ago we began our search for a Basset. We couldn't decide on an older Basset that needed a home for his final years or a young guy that was so thin, crooked legs and a sad face. Finally we decided to adopt the older boy.

I asked our boy Doc to guide us in this decision. That night about 3am. a music box we have began to play. My husband thought I was nuts. We continued to discuss our decision. The next night the music box started again. This time it woke my husband. I am sure it was Doc. One more look at the skinny, crooked legs and I knew we would give him a chance at a great life. I think Doc would be pleased.

This summer we lost our girl Sophie. She was 14yrs. old. She was one of the oldest Bloodhounds ever. Back to Noodles... Our love for him is so deep. This little kid who is all boy is our world. He sleeps with us every night and gets me up every morning. He misses his sister Sophie so much that he goes to daycare one day a week. He is quite a hit with the ladies there. He had his eye on a beautiful poodle there but she could have cared less about our boy. We told him that she didn't like him because he was short. He also got on the seesaw at daycare and got half way up and jumped off. We were so happy that his friend Maggie the St.Bernard didn't get on the other side while Noodles was on the seesaw.

So many people that lose their pets say "no more, I can't go through that again". Just remember, you have been chosen in this life to love and adore those cuties that need a warm bed and a loving heart. My husband and I are seniors. Noodles keeps us young. The laughter that he brings to our home is the best possible medicine ever.

Regards, Moe Sheldon.

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Jan 08, 2014
Wow... Lots of Hounds
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Thanks for sharing all of your hounds! I hope my Basset Hound lives 17 years like your Molly did.

Noodles sounds like a ham. Glad he brings so much joy and laughter to you guys.

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