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Our adventures

by Sara Martinez

Tabby claiming her spot on the couch

Tabby claiming her spot on the couch

I have two rescued Basset Hounds named Tabitha and Tess. They are sisters, and were the only survivors of a litter. Tess being the independent one and Tabby being the one who needs you to pay attention to her all the times, we tend to have a lot of funny moments.

A couple of months ago I was sitting on the floor playing with them. They started to get tired and laid down on the floor. I did the same thing but I also started texting. Five minutes passed and each time my ringer would go off both of them would make a groaning sound. So I turned off my ringer, but still continued to text, but even then they still groaned.

About six minutes left and they had enough. Tess decided to lay on my stomach horizontal while Tabby laid down next to me, pushing my phone out the way and placing her head right on top of me. So I let them be. About two minutes later both are knocked out and I have no way of pushing them off since my hands somehow ended up under Tabby.

In the end, all three of us ended up asleep on the floor till someone woke us up.

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Jan 28, 2014
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Love it! They figured out how to get their way. If Tess is as big as Tabby, then I can see how there's no way you could get up. Must have been a sight for the person that woke you all. Well... at least you got a good nap.

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