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Neon Yellow Tennis Ball

by Brenda Doyen
(Dayton, KY)

I have a very bad back, so in the evening while my son is at work, KaSey (16 weeks) needs to release all her energy. I sit on the floor and have three different directions to roll or gently toss the ball for to "fetch". She'll go chasing after it and bring it back, after a gentle tug of war, she'll let me have the ball again for another round.

It's a great way for her and I to bond and use up her energy. I love the laser light, but I really love the one-on-one interactions with KaSey and my and our little tennis ball.

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Tennis ball
by: Stefy

Thanks for the post ...http://www.pressureball.com

Sounds like fun...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

I agree. The laser pen is good to burn off your dog's energy while you rest. But, it's also fun to have one on one time with a toy such as a ball or other favorite. Enjoy! I bet KaSey is adorable. What a unique name.

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