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My Shasta is in Heaven...

by Jeanette Green
(Richmond Hill, GA USA)

On May 19th of 2016, my beautiful Madame Shastabelle left this earth. She was such a strong and wonderful girl, never gave me an inkling that she was really sick. I went away on vacation and she stayed with friends, the usual people she stayed with when I left. She always had separation anxiety so when they told me she wasn't eating, I chalked it up to that. After a few days of my being at home, her appetite picked up but she still was a bit quiet. The one thing she did that was totally out of the ordinary, was she dug a huge hole under my bedroom window, and she was never a digger. I realized after she passed, she was avoiding dying in the house. Leave it to Shasta to think about me... <3
On Tuesday the 17th of May at 2:00a.m., I woke up to find Shasta sprawled out on my bedroom floor. I ran and picked her up, and she could not stand on her own. She was very weak and just did not feel well. I called the vet and ran next door to wake my wonderful neighbors up for help. We got her to the vet, where they took her blood. Although it was fine, the vet decided to keep her overnight and flush her with IV fluids. I went to see her a few hours later, and she seemed to be sicker. They had her on antibiotics, but she couldn't hold her urine and just wanted to sleep.
On Wednesday, I went to see her and her white blood count was out of control. They changed her medication and we prayed for a change by evening or the next day. The next day brought a new change..Shasta could no longer walk, nor could she hold her head up. She could not bark...I went to see her and they brought her out on a blanket. It seemed my baby was full of cancer and never showed a sign. She went to heaven peacefully that day. Her coat returned to a shiny black, white and brown, as she had become so ashy and grey. I know Jesus came and got my Shastabelle. There are animals in Heaven you know, or we would not be riding horses in Armageddon. I miss her every day, but my children made sure her ashes came home to me. She gave me 13 years of unconditional love, and I gave her the same. Shasta touched so many hearts, that people are still coming to the house and missing her presence.

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Mar 16, 2018
A kindred spirit NEW
by: Sylvie

Thank you for this beautiful (true) story.l also believe there is a heaven for our beloved pets.And what a lovely name, Shastabelle...

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