My Long Eared Basset Hound (poem)

by Betsy Brenner
(Dayton Ohio )

They may not be the fastest,
No they never win the race,
That goes to the Greyhound,
So full of speed and grace.
They may not be the smartest,
Or most trainable breed,
That goes to the Labrador,
Guiding those who are in need.
They may not be tall and mighty,
No they don't stand grand and strong,
That goes to the Great Dane,
Who strides on legs so long.
They may not be the bravest,
Pulling lost souls from the snow,
That is for the Saint Bernard,
Who climbs the mountains slope.
But what they are is loyal,
Your best friend till the end,
Yes they are always there,
Through the thick and thin.
They have long massive bodies,
And stubby little legs,
Which makes them perfect for cuddling.
At the end of your longest days.
They will look into your eyes,
With their sad and soulful way,
And let you know they understand,
Although they cannot say.
All my life I've searched,
And the best friend that I've found,
I'll be true till the end,
To my long eared Basset Hound.

By Betsy Brenner, basset mom

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Oct 01, 2017
by: Shawna Jones

I just received two AKC's from Kansas City, they have filled my home with love and soulfulness joy. Six months ago I lost my BH to cancer and my husband a week later to cancer. I was feeling descend to heartbreak and afraid to FEEL again. Not only have these two brought love and laughter in and around my home, they are bringing neighbors together. No one can ignore the puppies playing and falling over their ears, nor can they stop that smile on their face. They are giving me the opportunity to share the facts and history of the breed, special care needs because of their shape and size, but also the importance of taking care of dogs long-term by teaching times I have to meet their needs to train and adapt them to a new environment. Asking the kids what they are doing at those exact times, hopefully will stop the idea that dogs are always cute puppies and mom will take care of it. I make sure they know that cute puppy is a responsibility of money, time, and space beyond their dating, high school, sports and into potentially into college.

Nov 02, 2016
Love It !
by: Slinkys mom

Love this cute poem , very much describes my baby basset slinky.

Aug 02, 2016
What a lovely poem!
by: Cristina

Great poem, it surely describes our lovely b.h.

Jan 06, 2016
Love it!
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Betsy... What a great poem! Thanks for sharing it. It's all so true

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