My basset is stubborn.

by Anna Mechling
(United states)

I have two Basset Hounds. One Tobby, who is 6, and another Summer, who is 10. If I raise my voice at Summer or don't show her enough attention she goes out of her way to go get into the garbage in my room, and pees and poops in my room.

One time I was sleeping and I hadn't walked her for 2 days. She walked into my room (my mom had just let her out) and looked at me and peed right on my floor. When I yelled at her she propped her tail up, smiled at me and pranced off.

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Jul 04, 2014
bassett hounds
by: eric montanye

My Bassett Annabelle likes the trash in the bathroom as well and Annabelle if I don't give her enough attention she gets into things she knows she shouldn't and she will get ahold of something and when I go to get it from her she will run from me it is her indication that she wants to play ....... When your Bassett hound does the things they do they are telling you something......

Sep 30, 2012
Maybe she's insecure... Maybe a physical problem...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this.

I understand your frustration with her eliminating in your room.

Has she always behaved this way or is this new behavior? It sounds like she has some insecurities. If she has always been this way, then she needs some obedience training and discipline so that she knows the boundaries and rules. Possibly take her to an obedience class to get some help.

If this is something new, then has anything changed in her environment to cause her to feel insecure. I would talk to the vet too to find out if any physical problems could cause her to start behaving this way.

My Basset Hound would always go for the trash in the bathrooms - he liked to tear up and eat the tissues. Of course, I didn't like cleaning up the mess that he made from this all the time. So eventually, I ended up putting the trash cans where he can't get them. He doesn't bother with the trash in other rooms. Just seems to be the ones in the bathroom that he likes.

Hope this info is helpful.

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