My Basset Hound's Favorite Toy is a Rawhide Bone

by Emily Glindeman
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Her name is Penney. Boy does she love her rawhide. We just got her about two weeks ago. She is one and a half.

We didn't really know what kind of toys she liked to play with. So we asked her previous owners. They said that she loves rawhide bones and boy were they right.

She carries it in her mouth wherever she goes. It's so cute when she has to use both of her paws to hold it up so she can play with it! haha!!

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Raw hide bones
by: Angie from South Africa

Hi there. both my bassets (Basil & Shannon) LOVE LOVE LOVE raw hides bones as well. When I take them out of the packet they jump around and bark loudly because they get so excited at the thought of getting a new "chewy". Basil drools until he gets the chewy and then they dart off into opposite corners of the garden and enjoy they chewy. When Basil is almost finished his, he will go over to Shannon and drop his small bit at her paws and bark at her as if to say, "come on, lets swap" When Shannon doesnt give in then he retreats to his end of the garden and finishes his chewy. they are such clowns!

by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Hi Emily... My Basset Hound, Hunter, holds up his toys with his big, front paws too. I agree, it's really cute. Enjoy your new Basset Hound!

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