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My basset hound puppy

by Kamakshi
(New Delhi)


My husband and I are getting a basset hound puppy as soon as he turns 7 weeks old.

Please give me all the tips I need for his first few weeks since I am a little worried about his care.


Kamakshi Bawa


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Feb 08, 2018
bwa ha ha NEW
by: Anonymous


Jun 15, 2011
Tips for new puppies
by: Angie from South Africa

Like any puppies, they need loads of chew toys or raw hide treats to keep them from destroying your house or garden. Bear in mind that bassets are hunting dogs so you need to ensure that your house and garden is completely secure. Ensure that no-one leaves a door or gate open otherwise they will wander off and just keep walking until the scent they're following ends. Bassets are highly sociable dogs and get on really well with children of all ages. You need to watch their weight as they get older, because of their long body, you dont want them to get too fat and then have spinal problems later in life. They need to be exercised daily just like any other dog (a brisk walk for about 20 minutes a day should suffice). They tend to get eye and ear infections often (understandable) so you need to keep an eye on both - wipe their ears out with a clean swap (dip in warm water and surgical spirit solution) and leave open to dry (I do this when mine are sleeping - I flip their ears over so that they can air). If you see any "goop" in the corner of their eyes, wipe it with a clean tissue - if it goes a yellow/green colour you know that they have a bad eye infection and you will need ointment from the Vet. Hope you enjoy your new puppy!

May 20, 2011
Regarding Puppies and Clocks...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Interesting. I never heard of that.

I understand about not wanting the pup to cry all night. We brought Hunter, my Basset Hound, home when he was 4 months old. So he was a couple of months older than your pup. We put him in the crate to go to sleep the first night and he barked and howled for quite a while. So finally we draped a blanket over the top of his crate so that it covered the top and hung down on the sides of his crate. It didn't go all the way to the floor - so he could still see out of the crate. Soon after we put the blanket over the crate, he stopped barking and howling. I think the blanket made the create feel more like a cozy den for him and that calmed him down.

This actually became a routine for us at night (we only used the blanket at night). When we put him in the crate at night, we would put the blanket over top and he would know that it was time to settle down and go to sleep.

He's no longer in the crate anymore because he's trained and has the run of the house. But, we did that for quite a while and he seemed to like it.

May 19, 2011
Puppies and clocks.
by: Kamakshi

Thank you. This a great start!

I read somewhere that I should have a small clock wrapped in a blanket and placed in the basket on the first initial nights the puppy comes home so he feels the ticking of the clock is the heart beat of one of his siblings.

It would break my heart to see him cry all night will eventually want him on my bed - a habit I don't want the puppy to get into.

Do you think it might work?

He comes home on the 25th!
Can't wait.

May 19, 2011
Tips for Basset Hound Puppy
by: HoundDogMom (Sherri)

We have had 5 bassets (2 @ Bridge) 3 current. The one thing I can offer advice on is. Do no let your new basset puppy do a lot of jumping off high things or going up and down stairs while they are really young. This can cause back problems later on. Also, we found that you have to watch the amount of protein that they get in their diet when they are young. A basset is considered a large breed so get puppy food for a large breed. We had one go through growing pains due the high protein food we had (grew to fast). It was horrible to watch and my 2nd basset was placed on adult food at 6-8 months to help with this. Play with their feet (to help with nail trimming), clean their ears OFTEN. ENJOY YOUR NEW PUPPY!

May 18, 2011
Congrrats on getting a Basset Hound puppy!
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Here are a few quick tips:

- Before you bring your puppy home, gather a few supplies: crate - if your planning to crate train, food and water bowls, collar and leash, a few chew toys and other toys to play with, puppy food - stick with what he is currently being fed at least for the first few days, gates if needed to limit your puppies access in the house.

- Plan to spend a few days bonding with your new pup. We picked up our Basset Hound on a Friday so that we could spend the weekend with him and my husband stayed home on Monday for an extra day. Pups tend to sleep a lot so you won't have to spend the entire day entertaining him. But, when he's awake have the family interact with him and play with him (socialization and bonding).

- Find a good veterinarian and schedule an appointment for an initial examination to make sure that he is healthy. Find out what vaccinations he has already had and inform your vet. Ask the vet about future vaccinations. Other things to consider asking about: heartworm medication, flee / tick medication, de-worming, other concerns. Plan on having your puppy spayed or neutered. Talk to your vet about the appropriate time for this.

- Start house training your new puppy.

- Educate yourself on house training and behavior training. Try not to get frustrated with the training. It takes time, patience, and persistence to train a dog. But, it is well worth the effort.

Enjoy! I'm sure you will do fine.

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