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My 2 Adoptive Kids

by Richard
(Sault Ste Marie, ON - Canada)

Guard Dogs on Duty

Guard Dogs on Duty

I currently have 2 tri-colours which both were rescues. Bella (53 pounds on the right) is the smaller 8 yr old female (Alpha) rescued when she was 2-ish from an elderly lady and Flash the bigger is a 3 yr old male (74 pounds on the left). I rescued him from our local shelter (he was hit by a skidoo and laid in a ditch for several days until someone found him)
I always wanted a companion partner for Bella so I had my name on a list so the shelter called him within days.

He went threw a lot when I got him and he still suffers anxiety. He didn't have any broken bones but shows signs, limps easily. But he was just losing his puppy teeth when I got him, so just about 1 yr old - I'm guessing. (he was only 42 pounds)

He's a big boy now and doesn't do stairs, so a few adjustments in the home.
They have a fenced yard and a dogie door in the back porch, so its nice to see them play (summer time). A few fights at 1st to determine rank (Bella is the Alpha - outside) but they act so differently. They both have different barks but I know them both.

These 2 are my kids and just as much work as kids, they don't need to speak, they actions say it all.

Bella acts like a little princess, she doesn't like getting her feet wet while Flash will roll in a mud puddle and not worry about it. (He is my goofy) They both are healthy and both had a second chance when nobody else wanted them. They are my kids and keep this guy happy.

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Sep 15, 2015
Thanks for sharing...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Love the photo! Glad you are able to care for these two. They deserve someone like you and likewise you too.

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