Lambsi, Burying Lambsi

by Janet Krengel
(Boone, IA)

Walter loves to bury his stuffed lamb, Lambsi. Last summer Lambsi was buried under the leaves (see picture) and this winter Lambsi is buried under snow. The burials occur each afternoon. Each evening, Walter digs up Lambsi after it has "marinated" and proudly into the kennel they go.

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by: Angie

What a cute story!
My bassets don't bury anything but they do dig holes in the garden from time to time.
I am suprised that Lambsi has lasted all this time. My bassets tend to chew through soft toys so those are no longer an option (unfortunately). I prefer to buy them tennis balls and ropes and stronger made squeeky toys so that they can last longer than 1 day :-)

Really Cute...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Hi Janet,

Thank you for sharing!

My Basset likes to bury stuff too. When he is outside, sometimes I give him a one of those dental chews to keep him occupied. Instead of chewing on it, he carries it around for a while and then buries it. It's funny because he comes back with his nose all dirty and brown. He uses his nose to push it into the hole and try to get it into the right spot.


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