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Just Dog 5

by Regina

My name is Regina and when I was little I met my soulmate. My favorite King Kong like uncle Robert had a breeding pair of Basset Hounds. When I was turning 3 Robert delayed adoptions of his current litter so that his only favorite niece, me, could have pick of the litter as her present.

I picked the perfect little runt of them. Made extra special by his distinctive markings that were made memorable by the perfectly formed 5 on his left hip.

Being the creative three year old that I was I rejected my older brothers insistent suggestion of "Rocket Eyes" and finally settled on the perfect name Just Dog. That we lovingly referred to as J.D.

J.D. was my best friend and loyal protector. Despite the roomy dog pen we created that consisted of our entire back yard, and the custom built dog house my father made for him, J.D. would only sleep directly under my bedroom window. He had to make sure no one could get to me without going through him.

When I adopted my color matching calico cat, Cali, J.D. adopted her to. They ate, played,and slept together. When Cali had her first and only litter, J.D. was right there helping raise them.

When I was 4 J.D. and I were playing a friendly game of hide and seek then tag. J.D. was winning and I was about to get tagged. As an attempt to pinch him, I mistakenly picked up pruning sheers and "pinched" him on the ear, taking a crescent half dollar out of his ear. My mother and I rushed him to the vet successfully covering the passenger floorboard of my moms new Cadillac with blood.

J.D. was fine and never held a grudge. He recovered quickly at the side of my bed and let me know every morning that he still loved me by licking my face to rouse me for more games of hide and seek.

J.D. was always patient and protective. He was my first best friend and my second big brother. He taught me never to judge by cover of a book or the species of a friend. He walked me to school and sang me to sleep with his whispering bellow outside my window.

And I don't know about you but personally I believe that J.D. still protects me in the unique reincarnated souls of the four legged friends that always seem to find their ways into my life and heart and be there for me when I need someone like J.D. the most.

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Oct 22, 2015
What a story...
by: Virginia

Thanks for sharing! J.D. must have been an awesome friend. They really do have a lot to teach us about kindness, loyalty, patience, etc.

Love the name that you picked for him too!

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