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Jefferson Has Lunch

by Patti Shelby
(Acworth, GA)

We are the family to a 12 year old Basset named Jefferson. Jefferson adopted us at 6 weeks of age, and we fell in love with him. He is a momma's boy! We brought him home after spending a small fortune at the pet store and the kids fell in love. He was rocked to sleep every night in the rocking chair until he became to big for our laps. Then we moved to the couch where he had belly rubs until he fell asleep.

One day, my husband was home waiting on a plumber. He got home from work just before the plumber was to arrive. He went to the fridge and pulled out everything possible to compile a ham sandwich. After making himself 2 sandwiches, he returned everything to the fridge. The plumber knocked on the door. He left the sandwiches on a plastic plate on the counter. Jeff was only a year old and couldn't reach the counter. My husband went outside to show the plumber the problem. When he returned to the kitchen, the sandwiches were gone. Now, my husband being forgetful as he is, decided he didn't make himself a sandwich and returned to the fridge to make 2 more. He repeated the same steps making the sandwiches and you guessed it, the plumber knocked on the door. He pushed the plate to the back of the counter and went outside with the plumber. When he returned, the sandwiches and the plate has vanished! At this point, he knew he had made himself lunch. The sandwich supplies were starting to run low! So, he made the sandwiches again, placed on a plastic plate and then the plumber knocked on the door. This time he didn't go outside. He watched his sandwiches from the door. Jefferson slowly, hunched down, went up to the cabinets, jumped up, and started to pull the plate into the floor! My husband ran and saved his lunch!

We actually found the missing plates several weeks later underneath the china cabinet. He concealed the evidence! Just know nothing is out of reach of a clever Basset Hound!

He is now 12 years old and he still finds ways to get the things he smells! These dogs are truly where the phrase "Man's Best Friend" comes from.

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Feb 20, 2011
Mine hears snacks too...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

My Basset Hound loves cheese for some reason. Even if he's upstairs sound asleep, he'll hear me get a piece of cheese (for me) out of the fridge and pull it out of the wrapper. He comes running down and stares at me like I should be giving it to him.

He also knows when I am munching on raw baby carrots. He hears me bite a piece off and then all of the sudden he's sitting right in front of me waiting for his carrot.

Jan 21, 2011
by: Angie from South Africa

I can just see the perplexed look on a man's face......sure I made the sandwhiches ? Where did they go LOL.
Your Jefferson sounds like a true mischievous basset. My 2 bassets come in and steal the cats food from time to time and you can never hide anything from them - no matter how quietly you creep into the kitchen to get something to eat or snack on, they will sneak into the kitchen behind you and wait for their treat! When you look into those droopy eyes, how can you possibly not share your snack with them? Especially my male "Basil" because he drools at the sight or scent of a snack.....just dont let him shake his head 'cause then there's drool splattered all over the house LOL

Dec 17, 2010
Great Story...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Thanks for sharing.

Jefferson sounds like a VERY smart Basset Hound to me - smart enough to know that he needs to "conceal the evidence". LOL!


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