Jefferson Gets a Tummy Ache

by Patti Shelby
(Acworth, GA)



Jefferson is such a special part of our family and loves to eat. I have written about him before. One day, while at work, Jefferson got to play outside in our fenced in yard. Our other dog kept him company. I got home from work that afternoon and opened the door to the back yard. Our mutt greeted me instantly. Jefferson was no where to be found.

In a panic, I ran into the back yard only to find my Basset laid over on his side and moaning like a baby. I picked him up and threw him in the car and rushed to our local emergency vet.

After waiting several hours, the vet emerged to tell me that Jefferson had a belly full of seeds which they had to pump from his stomach. I could not figure out how this had happened. When Jefferson was ready to go home, he seemed happy as could be and ready for his dinner. My husband figured out that Jefferson must have eaten from a persimmon tree in the back yard.

Thinking the dog wouldn't do that again because of the trauma he had been through, we left him in the back yard for a couple of hours to run some errands. When we got home, the dog was feasting on his favorite snack! The PERSIMMON Tree!

My husband cut the tree down that afternoon to save another expensive trip to the vet. I have only found a couple things the dog doesn't like to eat. Persimmons are one of his favorite!

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Mar 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hey Patti! I think you should check out! You may have a giggle! Ellen X

Nov 13, 2011
Norman eats...
by: norman's food serf

plastic pens now storied 4 feet of the ground. paper and cardboard are well chewed and scatteredx all over. He will eat anything. He has left the persimmion tree alone, but he loves to eat acorns and pecans. I hink he is part deer!!!

Aug 12, 2011
Poor Jefferson...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Glad he is feeling better! Love the photo. Thanks for sharing.

Here's a link to an article that lists other plants that are potentially poisonous to pets:

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