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I'm looking to adopt from a rescue a Bassett hound

by Faith ruacho
(Fresno California 93705)

My best friend in the whole world was a Bassett hound I named shorty! He showed up at my door one day when I was feeling really down ! My son moved to Washington his dad just died! He was my only child!I needed a friend because I was alone and shorty came in and we began a bond of 18 of the most wonderful and the happiest years of my life! Shorty was mixed with black lad! I love him so much ! Then in Feb 26-18 my shorty dog was put to sleep! He died after eating olroy dog food I always feed him alpo but I saw a cheese burger flavor olry15 min later my poor shorty couldn't stop throwing up for 6 days my heart broke I didn't have money for a vet! Finally Feb 26-18 a good hearted vet agree for me to make payments! The vet didn't ever charge me!I had it plan for his finally day to take him to McDonalds for cheeseburgers and just spend our time together well me and shorty was together every where I went he went I still cry for him !I'm a old disable women and I would love to give a home to a older Bassett hound who needs a home ! I have lots of love to give!
My g mail address is faithruacho1@gmail.com

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