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How to Clean an Outside Basset

by grace

I have a Basset named Maddie. She is so sweet. But, she used to stink. This was my first newbie mistake. When I got her and her sister (which I had to separate with) they were filthy. I thought that the owner was just cruel. But as I came to find out, they are just hard dogs to keep clean. I recommend that if you have an outside Basset, wipe it down with a washcloth once a week. This will help with the smell. If you can, give a bath every one or two months and brush before and after baths. But make sure that she is dry when you brush her. Now she is an inside outside dog and very happy AND CLEAN! I recommend an oatmeal or all natural dog shampoo. I hope this helps.

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Mar 02, 2010
i know you may be bathing your hounds to much
by: wrighter

you may be bathing them to much angie they may need to stop bathing them it may help or it might be the food some dogs are alegic to corn and grain and it can make them gassy.

Mar 01, 2010
Dirty Bassets
by: Angie

Hi there, what I normally do with my 2 Bassets that are outside during the day but inside dogs at night.....I bath them every 2 weeks. I understand your sentiments with them being dirty and smelly all the time. Remember that they are hounds after all. Their ears are the worst and often smell because they are always in the food and water dishes. Not to mention the lovely aroma from inside their ears. I clean my Basset's ears as often as I need to with some "Surgical Spirits" and warm water. I wipe the inside of their ears with some cotton swabs which have been doused in the warm-spirit mixture.

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