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Her name was Lola...

by Michelle
(Eskridge, Ks)

Nap time

Nap time

I suffered a recent brain injury, it went undiagnosed to the point that it almost killed me. I am a nurse, a student, mom, grandmother and farm wife, and every human around me missed the clues and thought the changes were "stress related". My beautiful little mixed breed cow dog,Penny, did not! She would whine, howl, and try to herd me back to the house. She was obsessed suddenly with my head. As a large dog it would be alarming to have her try to climb up to my head! Her obsession saved my life!

During recovery a local man decided my quiet area of the world was a great place for his companions and him to do cross country biking. He demanded we "chain the beast" to give them a joyful ride. I offered to chain him since he was the beast.

Penny disappeared within the next week and my heart broke! All efforts to find her have turned up nothing. When I asked him, he just smiled and said "chains aren't so bad now?".

Everyday when I would come home I would hope she would be there, every morning I would hurry to the door to see if she needed to come in, I would listen to the local news in case someone turned her in.

I prayed...Her name was Lola! She is a gorgeous, 7 yr old, lemon and white Bassett, that needed a forever owner who needed a fever hound! We have been together a short time and are still learning each other. I truly believe that she would get the Penny paw of approval! I have awoke more than once to Lola sniffing at my head in the same area Penny did. I will do everything I can to make Lola's life a good one...for Penny!

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Sep 18, 2015
So sorry...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

So sorry to hear about your brain injury. I hope you are getting well now. I'm sure Penny was an awesome companion and what a shame that she disappeared. Really sad! Glad you and Lola found each other. Enjoy!

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