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Goofy Gustopher!

by Jessica Guidry
(Yantis, TX, USA)

My best friend had gotten Gus as a puppy (most adorable thing I'd ever seen) and after 2 wonderful years with him, could no longer keep him due to a move. She called me and asked if I would take him, because she couldn't bare not see him again. Of coarse I said yes. Gus and I clicked immediately! (mostly because I made him an inside dog. He was very grateful for the air-conditioning and recliner!!)

He is such a goof ball! I don't think he is aware of his size or what personal space is. Anytime some one sits in "his chair" he runs and hurls himself onto your lap, places his gi-normous paws on your shoulders and his shnozz in your face. Normally this wouldn't fly with me, but when you look into his BIG blue eyes (which are even cuter when he's frisky because his pupils are HUGE! looks like a cat that's about to pounce) you can't help but laugh and wool his floppy face around!

I quickly learned about the stubbornness of a Basset. My family and I live in the country on 25 acres (fenced with barbed wire, not good for keeping a hound in). So I take him for daily walks a couple times a day with my 17mth old in the stroller. Gus doesn't do well on a straight path! That dog has had us in every ditch, creek and wooded area on our property! I had to buy a harness to replace his collar after he backed out of it a couple of times. Just a note - Pulling on a basset hound mid sniff, is like trying to move a mule! Good thing is, he seems to tire easily and once he's had his walk, he's out cold till the afternoon! (unless you're in the kitchen...then he can muster up the energy to get out of the chair!)

All in All, Gus is a wonderful dog, who is amazing with my small kids and makes me smile, if not belly laugh, several times a day! I wouldn't trade him for the world! We plan to take him on vacation with us to the beach in our RV soon! We'll see how it goes!

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Jun 17, 2015
love them
by: Anonymous

I have a basset hound too and can relate to this story. this breed had won my heart!! my Daisy is the silliest thing and so in tune with me. beagles are super sweet too.

Jun 12, 2012
What a great story!
by: Linda

I'm so glad you took Gus in. Bassets certainly do know how to entertain! After having a basset, I can't imagine going back to another breed.

Jun 11, 2012
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Great story! Love the way you describe all of his quirks. Sounds just like a goofy Basset Hound. Glad you're having so much fun with him. Sounds like he has a great time too.

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