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Cheap, Free Basset Hound Puppies...

Should You Bite?

Probably not! But, why not?

Well... You want a healthy, well-bred Basset Hound. Right?

That may not be what you get if your initial thinking is bargain-basement puppy.

A cheap Basset Hound is more likely to have hidden health or behavioral problems, especially if it comes from an unknowledgeable or irresponsible breeder. In the long run, veterinarian costs to treat a serious health problem may be more expensive than the initial cost of buying from a reputable breeder.

Consider the Source of Cheap, Free Basset Hound Puppies...

1. A puppy from a responsible and well-respected Basset Hound breeder is not going to be cheap.

Why? Because it is expensive to breed responsibly. Costs include but are not limited to: health screening of parents, higher stud fees, high quality puppy and prenatal care, etc.

Understand that responsible breeders are not in it to make money. Typically, they are:

  • breed enthusiasts involved in one or more competitive sports or activities
  • knowledgeable of the breed standard
  • concerned with the betterment of the breed
  • affiliated with breed clubs and / or other organizations.

But most importantly for you as a buyer, they strive to produce dogs

  • that are healthy
  • of good temperament
  • and that conform to the Basset Hound breed standard.

Beware of newspaper advertisements for cheap, free Basset Hound puppies. Most responsible breeders do not advertise in the newspaper. Also, a nice looking web site does not necessarily mean that the breeder is reputable.

2. Avoid a well meaning neighbor with little knowledge of breeding who decides to produce a litter.

He may either give the puppies away or advertise to sell them at an inexpensive price.


  • the parents have not been screened for hereditary diseases that may be passed along to the puppies
  • no health guarantee is offered
  • and finally future advice and support is limited or not offered at all.

This does not mean that these puppies do not deserve a loving home. But, be aware that when you buy a puppy from an inexperienced breeder, you are taking a chance. Your Basset Hound puppy may grow into a healthy adult or it may end up with serious health problems or temperament issues.

3. Avoid puppy mills at all costs.

Those who operate puppy mills care little for the health and well being of their dogs. Living conditions are deplorable.

The primary goal is to make money. Puppy mills produce the most puppies for the least amount of money and then sell the puppies for a profit.

Many end up in pet stores and are often sold to unsuspecting buyers - sometimes at top dollar. Sadly, most will have health problems and / or behavioral issues.

Consider Basset Hound Adoption Instead

If you really would like to find an inexpensive Basset Hound, then consider adopting from a shelter or rescue group.

1. Find a Basset Hound at a Local Shelter.

On average, purebreds account for about 25 to 30 percent of a shelter's dog population. While you may not find a Basset Hound on your first visit, do not get discouraged. Shelters receive new animals every day and may also put you on a waiting list so that you will be contacted when one becomes available.

Shelters usually charge a fee which can range anywhere from $25 to $200 so do not expect to get a free Basset Hound. But, your new pet may already be vaccinated, de-wormed, and spayed or neutered.

2. Adopt a Basset Hound from a Rescue Group.

A rescue organization that specializes in finding loving homes for homeless Basset Hounds is a great place to look for your new pet. Adoption fees vary, depending on veterinary and other costs that have been incurred, possibly $200 to $400.

Click here to learn more about Basset Hound rescue.

Final Tip for Buying Basset Hound Puppies...

Buyer beware! In the long run, a cheap or free Basset Hound may not be a good deal.

Despite the initial cost, a responsible and knowledgeable Basset Hound breeder is the best source of a healthy, well-bred Basset Hound puppy.

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