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Everlasting Treat Ball from Star Mark

A Pricey, Dog Chew Toy

Is it worth the cost? Find out...

Some dogs are bred to hunt, others to herd. But, one thing all dogs have in common is the urge to chew.

A good chew toy not only satisfies a dog's chewing urge but, also relieves boredom. Boredom can lead to destructive behavior. A chew toy keeps a dog busy for a while and stimulates his mind. Thus, it may help prevent undesired behavior such as destructive chewing, digging, and constant barking.

So... is the Everlasting Treat Ball a good chew toy? My Basset Hound thinks so!

Here's a video demonstration of this toy in action:

As the above video demonstrates, the Everlasting Treat Ball is an interactive toy that rolls erratically. It's an irregularly shaped ball with two open sides.

Challenge your dog by placing small treats or kibble inside and let him figure out how to get it out. It comes with two long lasting Everlasting Treats that can be used to cap one or both openings to increase the challenge. The treat ball is made of soft, yet highly durable, tear resistant material and comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large).

Star Mark promises that the Everlasting Treat Ball:

  • stops destructive, boredom behaviors (chewing, digging, barking and more)
  • provides hours of mental stimulation
  • is virtually indestructible
  • is great for dental hygiene

My Review:

I gave the medium sized treat ball to my 7 year old Basset Hound a few times per week over a three week period. The first time I gave it to him he was outside in my fenced back yard. I put a few treats inside and capped one side. He played with it for about three hours until I took it away from him. It was easy for him to get the little treats out of the center.

My dog usually likes to bury chew toys when he's outside. The first time I gave him this toy, he didn't bury it. But, the second time I guess he was in the mood to dig because he decided to bury it. So, it didn't prevent my dog's habit of digging and burying.

I also gave this chew toy to my dog inside the house a few times. Again, he played with it for 2-3 hours. As mentioned previously, it's easy for him to get the little treats out. But even after he eats all of the treats, he continues to play with the ball.

While the Everlasting treats used to cap one or both sides of the ball last a long time, they don't last forever. Eventually, my Basset Hound ground the treat down from continued licking and chewing and it was gone.

One time I gave the ball to him with no Everlasting treat cap on either side. He played with the ball until he got the 7 or 8 treats that I had inserted into the center out, which took about 5 minutes or less. He then played with it for only 10 minutes more. Therefore, it's obvious that the capping treat is what attracts my Basset Hound to this toy.

While my dog doesn't tend to be destructive (he's fine with sleeping if he has nothing to do), the Everlasting Treat Ball did keep him busy with hours of play, chewing, and licking as long as it was capped with a long lasting treat. It also prevented him from chewing on mulch and other sticks when outside.

This dog chew toy is pricey (I paid $19.99 for medium - check Amazon for deals ). Is it worth it? I think so because it keeps my dog busy for hours. Reuse it many times because the ball is durable and the capping treats can be replaced once gone. Other chew toys such as nylabone are much cheaper. But, my dog chews on one of those periodically when the mood strikes and only for about 10 or 15 minutes.

The Everlasting Treat Ball Package Includes:

  • One Virtually Indestructible Ball
  • Two edible Everlasting Treats

Available for Purchase at:


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