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Donald and his toy "Tigergutt"

by Astrid

Donald is a 2 years old Basset Hound, living in middle part of Norway, on a farm. His favorite toy is a Brown and Orange "Tigergutt", with a sound inside the head. Donald have had many of them. He can not go to bed for the night without his toy.

One night his toy was somewhere outside. He carried this toy all around the farm during daytime. I did not remember or know whats up. Why did he not want to go to bed? He came to me and say With his eyes, I need to go out now. So I went to the door and let him go out in the darkness. Soon after he came back with his toy "Tigergutt" and then it was bedtime.

This act say much about dogs and their mind. He had to remember were it was, and that he needed it for the night.

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Mar 18, 2014
by: Astrid

Thank you for the comment. He is a caracter Donald. I love him a lot.

Mar 13, 2014
Love this story...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

What a character he must be. Thanks for the photo. Donald is an absolutely beautiful looking Basset Hound!

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