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Dogs Can Get the Flu Too

by Virginia from just-basset-hounds.com

Oct 9, 2012. As I plan to get my flu shot this week, I came across an article, Pets may get the flu more often than thought.

A few points from the article:

1. Researchers have know since 2000 that dogs can get the flu, but reports of such cases are rare.

2. Pets can get the flu from their owners. (I didn't know this.)

3. So far, the researchers have confirmed 13 cases in which a pet cat or dog caught the pandemic H1N1 flu strain from a person.

4. Human-to-pet transmission is worrisome because the flu virus has the potential to undergo changes to its genetic code that could make it more virulent and dangerous to people.

5. It's not know if pets can transmit the flu back to humans.

6. Animals infected with the flu develop symptoms similar to those in humans.

The advice given:

1. If you get the flu, take precautions. Minimize contact with your pets as you do with humans to prevent the spread.

2. Get the seasonal flu shot to reduce your chances of catching the flu and / or spreading it to others including pets.

Of course, talk to your vet if you suspect that your pet has the flu.

Read full article.

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