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Desperate for help: 2 basset hounds fighting

Hi, guys. I'm at a total loss of what to do.

My family has a male basset that is 5 and a female basset that is 7. We have had the male for 2 yrs and we just adopted the female one this past November. So far, our experience has been awful. The female probably was abused in the past and she growls at anyone who pets her especially on the couch. Sometimes if you show her your hand, she will snarl and try to bite it. She has gotten better in the past month and has become more trusting but it still remains to be a huge issue. Not only that but both of my dogs seemed to be okay with one another initially but now they start getting into fights. It's not often fortunately but it's still a huge problem. The male always initiates the fight and the weirdest things seem to set him off. Last Friday, he attacked her after she did the trick "roll over" for me. It was really scary and I had no idea how to separate them. Luckily, both of them only had a couple of cuts and scratches but he looked like he was ready to kill her.

I'm honestly at my wits end. The male has never be aggressive before and was supposedly good with other dogs. I have no idea why he attacks her. Granted it does not happen often but I don't know if I can ever trust them alone....

Any help would be appreciated.

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Jan 14, 2016
Desperate for help: 2 basset hounds fighting
by: Michele

Here's what you can try for the hand problem. She needs to see that YOUR hand is good, not bad. Broil up some liver, cube into 1/4 inch chunks. Bag small amounts and freeze. Use one thawed bag at a time. Give her individual time with you as Bassets tend to be "one-man-dogs" and will commonly fight over your affection. Say her name and give a liver bit. If she growls initially just ignore it, if she doesn't - give her a "good girl!" in a loving tone. That sofa may be the best bit of territory she's ever had or she may have been brutally treated over getting on one. If you are OK with her on the sofa, try giving a liver bit to her there - I'll bet she'll be surprised! Be kind and patient, she will slowly learn - and you will be rewarded!

The fighting: this may subside (Bassets tend to be very loud in disputes but seldom do much damage.) Try not to get upset - that will not help. Indicate your disgust over this vying for your attention by leaving the room. Individual time will help them to know you love them but they will still probably be jealous of each other. When they are both with you be very fair. For example: having one on your lap will probably trigger a jealous kerfluffle so stay somewhat neutral when they both are close. The roll-over incident had her in a vulnerable position and you were probably focusing too much on her for the other Basset to not express his dismay.

Good luck - be patient (maybe a year's worth of patience) but I believe you will be rewarded in Heaven for your work with this poor abused girl hound!

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