Daisy the terrible

by Nana
(St. Louis Mo, U.S.A.)

Daisy and her family were neighbors of my daughter. Daisy lived five houses away from my daughter in the city where all the yards have fences. Daisy would scale all of the fences (of various kinds) in order to get to play with my daughter's dog, Cody. I first met Daisy after she toppled over the very last fence, a vertical 6 foot privacy fence, came to the back door wagging her tail looking for playtime.

Daisy's family could not keep her in her yard and problems began when Daisy would be on her own. Anyone, coming near her house, she would try to chase away, which is how she ended up biting at least three people at different times.

After the last attack, animal control was called, now Daisy has a record. Her family could not find any rescues that would take her because she had bitten and they still could not keep her in the yard. They decided to put Daisy to sleep.

My daughter called me and told me that Daisy would be put to sleep that day, a Thursday. I told my daughter that I would take her if she was still alive. Fortunately, for Daisy, the Vet had changed the appointment to the next day and that's how I got Daisy, the terrible.

Daisy is now my husband's special dog. He walks her every day, but she doesn't want to go far from home before turning around. Daisy could jump our 3 1/2 foot puppy fence without effort, so we put up a taller fence and she never goes outside alone. She lays on the couch every evening and sighs with happiness.

Daisy is the most loving and obedient dog ever.

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Sep 15, 2015
Love this story...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Happy to hear that you saved Daisy and that she is doing well.

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