Cromwell, my unpredictable basset hound puppy!

by Vicki Weeks
(Chesterfield, England.)

Cromwell, my handsome boy!

Cromwell, my handsome boy!

We first layed eyes on our whirlwind, now named Cromwell, in the autumn of 2007. At the breeders home we were introduced to two devilishly handsome fellows. One was the runt of the litter, very fragile, very timid but also extremely beautiful. The other was our soon to be new family member. He wasted no time at all in getting acquainted with myself, husband and our two children. Obviously, we had to make our choice as to which puppy would eventually join the Weeks's clan.

I immediately thought that because the runt of the two would have a tougher time he would be the lucky one. Very gently my husband explained that he thought that the bigger of the two would be much stronger, plus we could have him much sooner. I ached so much to have a puppy after losing my beloved Labrador years earlier that I duly agreed.

While the breeder popped a coloured collar onto him to make sure everyone knew that this adorable creature would be coming home to his new family we named him. Cromwell seemed a most suitable name for my new addition, different and almost certainly a wonderful talking point. As we left him behind I was already counting the days down to when we could eventually bring him back into our happy home.

The 7/11/2007 eventually came, I was fretting so much. Had I prepared everything for our new baby?, would he love us? (we now realise without a doubt that this would be unconditional from the word go!). Getting home was such a joy, we blissfully settled into our new routine without any major problems.

I can safely say that Cromwell is now my shadow. He loves everybody who meets him. I would be lying if I said that we haven't had a few scares, like when he decided to get acquainted with a huge Doberman Pincher who just happened to be in season. But she lived four miles away, he was only six months old but obviously felt an unfamiliar stirring which he just had to act on. He had escaped through a tiny hole in our fence. How had those little legs ever carried him that far? Of course, it was that ever twitching nose that was to blame. We got him back four hours later from the owner of the Doberman who had decided that he would look after him for a few hours because he was so adorable (my nerves were completely shredded by this stage may I had).

So as I come to the end of my story, I will just say that Cromwell has brightened my life up. He can now open doors by wrapping his stumpy little legs around the door knob and he can perform so many other tricks, usually naughty but nevertheless a sight to behold.

I love you Cromwell Weeks.

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Feb 06, 2009
He certainly is handsome!
by: Virginia from

Cromwell, what a great name - I love it! It's so unique.

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