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Couch-Shaped Pet Bed & Lil' Blankie

by Nikki
(Lebanon, OR)

We have a 7-month-old Basset named Missy. Right away, we discovered she liked to "bury" all of her toys and bones in the crooks of our couch and other living room furniture.

The problem was...we have LEATHER furniture, and a dog digging and pawing at the arms and back of the couch was an absolute no-no. So after scolding our Basset, the toys and treats mysteriously started showing up underneath the blankets and in amongst the pillows of my family members' beds.

We found a reasonably-priced couch pet bed at our local Costco (so wonderfully soft, too). Now Missy will stuff her toys into the crook of the mini-couch and "cover" them up with a little blankie we made her (the blankie is necessary, too, because she was rubbing her nose raw trying to "cover" her treats by pushing on the seat of the couch repeatedly as if trying to turn up dirt).

These items are highly recommended if you have a Basset that loves to bury and you want to save wear and tear of your furniture!

Lebanon, OR

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bad basset
by: Anonymous

my dog likes to dig also but he has help from a yorkie cross............. she showed him how to dig up flowers lol

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