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chew bones

by meghan cooper
(valdosta ga, u.s.a)

max's favorite is chew bones because he loves to play fetch. It makes him become braver in life.

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My dog loves chew toys...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

My dog, Hunter, loves to play with chew bones. I like to give him the dental chews to help with his teeth. But, he hardly chews them. Instead, he plays with them. He'll walk around with it in his mouth and then playfully throw it up in the air. He then lays next to it while staring at it and barking. Finally, he tries to bury it. If he's outside, he finds a place close to the house to put it and then tries to bury it by pushing dirt and grass onto it with his nose. If he's inside, he pushes it into the corner of a room with his nose. I guess he thinks no one can see it.

Since he barely chews it, it doesn't help much with his teeth. But, it's pretty funny to watch.

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