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charlie my best friend

We got our Basset when he was 10 weeks old from a breeder in Bradford. I have always wanted one from I was a child when a friend had one who I loved.

Well Charlie.........he is the best thing that has ever happened to us! He is so loveable and funny and follows me everywhere I go.

He was very easy to train in fact he has never since we brought him home had an accident in the house, this must be down to the breeders training him. He never wanders off when off his lead and likes to stay close by keeping his eye on me all the time. He is a big chunk of a Basset and loves to sleep on my knee. He is great fun to have around the house and always makes me smile and laugh! I don't think now I could ever be without a Basset. He is only 4 and I hope he has a great number of years left with us.

I often think about getting another Basset as I love them so much and so Charlie can have a friend but he is a bit nervous around dogs. I am unsure why and do not know of any reason for this other than I am sure he thinks he is human. He wonders what he has in common with other dogs as I'm sure he thinks he has two legs and should be wearing clothes.

He sleeps at the end of our bed and every morning when he wakes he jumps on our bed and tries to push us out so we get up with him. Anyone thinking of getting a Basset definitely should. He really is the best dog we have ever had and only ever Bassets for us in the future.

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Jun 15, 2011
by: Angie from South Africa

Hi there, I have 2 bassets (Basil & Shannon) and they are the funniest clowns - I dont think that there is another breed of dog with a better sense of humour. They can be rather stubborn at times but my bassets tend to be pretty good 99% of the time. We often take our 4 dogs (2 daxies and 2 bassets) to the beach for a walk and they absolutely love it. They have a swim amongst the rock pools on the shore and love to be off the lead and play on the sand. If there are other dogs in the area, they are just very sociable and happy to meet another furry friend. I really think you should see if you can adopt another basset to keep your baby company - can you check with your local pro-life shelters and see if they have any bassets. I would rather adopt from a shelter than buy from a breeder, as we have an over population of shelter cats and dogs in South Africa. Not sure about where you live?

Jun 09, 2011
My characterful Bassett
by: Anonymous

I loved hearing about Charlie.
We bought our bassett Baskerville from a breeder up in the Peak district. He is not very good off the lead infact he pleases himself if left to his own devices. Someone recently told me that this is because we had not had him done but I reckon its because he likes to call the shots. I took him to a training class when he was a puppy and the trainer rather dismissively said Bassett's were the hardest dogs to train!
He is quite naughty and does wee occaisonally when he likes to show he is fed up about not getting attention that he deserves. But he loves his walks and we take him out alot.
He is loved by all the family and is great with children

Jun 06, 2011
Thanks for sharing...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Charlie sounds like a wonderful Basset Hound! Funny that he tries to push you out of bed in the morning. Thanks so much for sharing him with us.

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