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Beauregarde's new home/A follow up

by Bill Rice
(Ridgecrest, CA)

Well Beauregarde has been adopted. I couldn't be happier for him, or sadder for me. Some very nice people who have adopted several hounds over the years, are donators to The Basset Rescue Network. He now lives in Ventura and has possibly the best, best holistic vet on the west coast as his vet. As well as the surgeon who did his emergency surgery (the best basset vet/surgeon on the west coast). They have a place in Washington state as well.

The ranch had an adult hound that if barked at by another hound would flop over and scream bloody murder as if he was being killed. Beauregarde (15 mos.) thought this was hysterical and took to sneaking up behind him and baying at him with his loudest voice. Then he would dance, bucking like a colt around him, continuing to bark at the top of his voice. (Beauregarde can't spin like a regular Basset because of his roached back.) When his new family showed up, Beauregarde did this and they fell in love with the scamp.

Then Dawn Smith did something for which I will be eternally grateful. She called me to let me know all this, and said she wouldn't adopt him out without my consent. I had no legal right to this. I had to surrendered him to her to save him. But Dawn knew I was working to get the money to pay back The BRN for his rescue and thus get him back. When I heard how affluent they were, who his vets would be, and how good they have been to the hounds and The BRN, I consented. I knew I would never be able to give him all of this. I could not deny this to my precious baby boy. So I consented on the condition that they contact me so I could keep track of him, maybe get some pics as he grew. Know when he was sick, and maybe just maybe be there when he passes to the bridge.

He has been gone for two months now, I have yet to hear from them. Though my heart is breaking I refuse to regret letting him go. It's what's best for him and that's all I ever wanted for him.

This is a true rags to riches story. From my small trailer house to a grand home on the beach in Ventura. From my monthly $900 disability to the best vet care on the west coast. You can see pics of him on my FB page.


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Jan 18, 2013
Great News
by: Bill Rice

I was recently contacted by Ms. Miller She tells me Beauregarde is loving the farm and is giving the donkey and pigs the what for. She has also invited me to the farm to see my boy. I'm going to get to see my boy again. Thank you for letting me post his story

Oct 10, 2012
Thanks for another update...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds

Really happy to hear that Beauregarde is going to continue to be well taken care of and that he has another hound to hang with. Sounds like you and The Basset Rescue Network took such good care of him, getting him well and all, and then finding a home that is capable of caring for him for the rest of his life. All the best for Beauregarde and you too.

Oct 09, 2012

THAT was very admirable. I'm sure that wasn't easy but I'm proud of you bro.

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