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by Coco

Just like all other Basset hounds, 13-yr-old Huango was so beloved to us, along with our two cats, Gypsy and Ruby.

Besides our grieving for Huango on his deathbed, he was accompanied by our loving cats, Gypsy & Ruby. Huango was dying from incurable cancer, but his veterinarian did not want to put him to sleep until he showed signs about being closer to the end.

We kept a very watchful eye on him, so did Gypsy and Ruby. It was both heart-wrenching and heart-warming to see Gypsy and Ruby right next to Huango to comfort, “say good-bye” and keep him company. Just writing this chokes me up all over again. Upon our seeing this tender scene, we knew it was time. Tearfully, before his ill-fated trip to the vet, my husband and I told Huango what a wonderful dog he had been and bade him good-bye.

Cat Gypsy’s behavior toward Huango, was highly significant. Huango had not ever taken a liking to Gypsy, neither had Cat Ruby. Huango & Ruby were pals. Huango & Ruby once chased Gypsy, injuring her hind leg on house’s side wall. Gypsy was soft-hearted, showing exceptional kindness toward him anyway, for she put aside their “differences” by consoling him. Huango welcomed Gypsy by his side. For Ruby to be close to Gypsy was a rarity, also.

We adore all of our pets, and Gypsy, who adopted us, as a stray was no exception. Gypsy was a very special cat with extraordinary sweetness toward everyone, even pets, which did not like her.

As most Basset hound breed lovers will attest to, his silly antics and adoring manner had endeared us to him immediately. All our Basset Hound have shown unique personalities, although we realize that Basset Hounds are characteristic in many aspects. Each of our Bassets will always have its special place in our hearts.

The Basset Hound breed has been our favorite for many years. We especially like Bassets due to their even, lovable temperaments, sociability and playful, docile behaviors.

Huango lived beyond his life expectancy and gave us many wonderfully happy years. He was extremely smart; most Basset Hounds are. He could even pick key words that applied to him from our conversations. Once, my husband and I were commenting that he had not been sleeping in his doghouse. No sooner had we said that, when he went into it and fell asleep. I used to tell him to sit for a treat, and he always expected two of them. After I gave him those two, I used to say, “That’s it.” He kept barking at me, but I couldn’t figure out why he did that. It finally dawned on me that, since I said the words quickly, to him it sounded as if I had said, “Sit,” again. I was so amazed by that. We marveled and how well he understood everything, even when we had told him only once. In his eyes we could perceive right away, that “he got it,” meaning what we told him.

Basset Hounds are the best.


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Aug 24, 2013
Basset owners' and pets' grieving
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear about Huango passing sounds like he was a good Basset dog.

Aug 23, 2013
Thanks for sharing ...
by: Virginia from just-basset-hounds.com

Thanks for sharing your beloved Huango. Sounds like he was an awesome companion.

I agree... they really are smart and are the best! So sorry you had to put him to sleep.

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