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It all started with...
a dog named Dude and a hound that we found.

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My Basset Hound, Hunter.Hunter

This is the story of how I came to discover and fall in love with this awesome breed of dog and then, of all things to do... I decided to create this website to share my passion. So here goes...

Hi, I'm Virginia and I love Basset Hounds! My dog's name is Hunter.

Before Hunter, my first two encounters with the breed occurred somewhat by chance.

A Dog Named Dude

I knew pretty much nothing about Basset Hounds and then...

Brian, my husband's friend from college, got a Basset Hound for his family from the SPCA. His daughter wanted to name the dog Little Dude and so they did. My husband and I met Dude when we went to Brian's house for a Super Bowl party. At the time, Dude was thought to be about two years old. He was both playful and friendly and I said to my husband, "What a cool dog!"

The Found Hound

We kind of forgot about Little Dude for a while and then...

A few months later, my husband and his brother were driving down a back road in a suburban area when they came upon a lone dog with its head low to the ground walking down the middle of the road. Fearing that it may get hit by a car, they stopped and coaxed it into their car. It was an adult, female Basset Hound. They went to a few nearby houses in an attempt to locate the dog's owner. But, they didn't have any luck. So, they brought her home.

We kept her for only a few hours. She was both playful and friendly just like Dude. And of course as with all Bassets, she was adorable. When she saw some of the neighborhood kids playing, she immediately wanted to run over and join them. But, we held her back since we didn't know much about her.

I wanted to keep her. But, we all knew that a sad and worried owner may be out looking for her. So we did the right thing and took her to the local SPCA. At the SPCA, they told us that if nobody claimed her within a certain amount of time, we could come back to get her. A few days later we found out that her owner had claimed her and we never saw her again. We were very happy for her and her owner but, I have to admit that we were also a little bit disappointed.

Let's Get a Basset Hound!

After two hound encounters, my husband and I started thinking long and hard about whether we should get one. My father-in-law said, "Don't get a Basset Hound. They're dumb!" (Sometimes the breed is misunderstood and some people believe that they are not very intelligent dogs.) But, we did some research and eventually decided to get one. We named our new dog, Hunter. He joined us on Valentines Day in 2002 at the age of four months and he has been just perfect. My father-in-law loves him too and no longer thinks that Basset Hounds are dumb.

A Message from Hunter

My owner, Virginia, decided to create a web site that's all about the Basset Hound breed. I'm not sure why because life as a Basset is really quite simple. It's all about naps in the sun, long walks on cool mornings, eating, playing, and getting as much attention as I can.

Belly rubs are best... Gimme more!!!!

Virginia is not as laid back as I am. She actually has some goals and objectives. She says that the objectives of this site are to:

  • inform others about the breed in a fun and interesting manner
  • promote responsible ownership
  • create a friendly environment where Basset Hound lovers' can share information and stories.

After being owned by a Basset for a while, Virginia thinks she has learned a lot about us hound dogs and wants to share her knowledge and stories about her experiences with me. She works hard on this web site and over time plans to add many more informative articles and engaging stories about me. So, please come back often and check out the new additions to the site including all of the cute pictures of me. Or better yet, subscribe to our Basset Hound blog (no email address required). In my opinion, this is the best way to find out about site updates.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the site and are able to find the information that you are seeking. Let me give you a tip -- use your nose. And, after you're done here, go take a nap! Oh, and by the way -- I'M NOT DUMB!

Hunter, a Beloved Dog, Pet and Loyal Friend...

Hunter lived happily with his family for almost fourteen years. He passed away on October 10, 2015 one day shy of his 14th birthday.

His legacy lives on through this website!

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