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Basset Hound Yeast Ear Infection

Causes, Signs, and Prevention

Suspect an ear infection? Then a prompt diagnosis and treatment by a veterinarian are necessary because yeast and / or bacteria can cause severe ear problems.

Those long, floppy ears sure are cute! But, they are also prone to ear infections. A Basset Hound's long and heavy ears tend to retain moisture creating a perfect environment for bacteria or yeast infections to develop.

The specific signs of a yeast ear infection include:

  • a brown discharge
  • a bad odor.

Additional signs indicating ear problems include:

  • lots of ear scratching or rubbing
  • head shaking
  • tilting the head to one side
  • pain around the ear area.

Chronic ear infections are often the result of some other underlying condition. For example, allergies to either something inhaled or eaten may result in ear infections. A proper diagnosis by a veterinarian is necessary because the underlying condition needs to be treated as well as the ear infection.

The best preventative measure to protect against ear problems including a Basset Hound yeast ear infection is to keep those cute ears clean and dry. Read Basset Hound Ear Care to learn about routine ear care.

Some Final Tips:

  • Routinely inspect and clean your Basset Hound's ears.
  • Promptly consult with a veterinarian if you notice signs of ear problems.
  • Make sure that your veterinarian identifies and treats any underlying conditions that may be the root cause of chronic ear problems.
My Basset Hound, Hunter

My Basset Hound, Hunter
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Luckily my Basset, Hunter, has not had any ear problems since he has been with us. I clean and inspect his ears weekly and this does the trick for me.

But, if your Basset Hound is suffering from an ear infection or if you suspect ear problems, ear cleaning alone most likely will not cure the problem. Promptly consult with your veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment.

Update: my experience with a Basset Hound yeast ear infection:

Hunter was diagnosed with a yeast ear infection at the age of six. I noticed that he was shaking his head frequently as though his ears were bothering him. So, I took a look and I noticed what I thought was dark brown dirt on the outside of his ears. My husband cleaned his ears and I thought everything would be fine. When I checked under his ears the next day, the brown stuff was back.

I took Hunter to the vet. She took a swab of the brown stuff from way down inside his ears. She then looked at it under a microscope and informed me that he had a yeast ear infection. She said that when you see the brown stuff come back so quickly then there is most likely a problem. She prescribed ear drops which I gave to him twice daily for two weeks. I then took him back to the vet and she informed me that his ears were healthy again.

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My Basset Hound, Hunter

My dog, Hunter!
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