Basset Hound Training

Raising a Well Behaved Dog

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Basset Hound training is a must! A properly trained Basset Hound is a pleasure to be around.

You'll enjoy his company both at home and in public. He'll respond to your commands, eliminate outside, and he'll be happy and well-adjusted. Most people don't mind being around a well behaved Basset. Therefore, you can invite people to your home or take him out in public without worrying about offending others due behavior problems.

As you train your Basset Hound and start seeing results, the whole dog owner experience / responsibility becomes easier and much more enjoyable.

But keep in mind, the key to raising a well-behaved and well-adjusted Basset is proper Basset Hound training.

Basset Hound Training: It's a Challenge...

Cute Basset Hound Puppy PhotoWithout training this cute, little puppy will grow into an unruly Basset Hound dog, possibly weighing 60 to 70 pounds.

Training a Basset Hound is a challenge. I say this because the Basset Hound is known to be more difficult to train than some other breeds. It's not that he lacks intelligence. It's because the Basset Hound is a very independent breed of dog.

Over the centuries, hound dogs were bred to hunt independently of their handlers and to persistently follow a scent without distraction. Independent breeds with a one-track mind, including the Basset Hound, are usually more difficult to train than dogs that were bred to work more closely with their handlers.

Some breeds are eager to please. Therefore, they're easier to train because they want and may seek approval from their owner or handler. On the other hand, the independent Basset can at times seem aloof, stubborn, and hard of hearing as he acts to please himself and not his owner.

But, don't become discouraged. A Basset Hound can definitely be trained. It will take time, patience, and persistence. But, it's doable and the effort is well worth it!

Basic Training

At a minimum, a Basset Hound needs the following types of training:

  • Socialization

  • House Training
  • Basic Obedience Training
  • Leash Training

Socialization teaches a puppy canine social skills. A good breeder starts this process and a new owner should continue the process. It's important for a puppy to learn to interact not only with unfamiliar dogs but also with unfamiliar people. He also needs to learn to be comfortable in various environments and situations.

House Training teaches your puppy or dog where to eliminate. Patience and consistency along with a proper training method are the keys to successfully house training a Basset Hound.

Basic Obedience Training teaches a dog to reliably respond to voice commands such as sit, stay, down, come, heel, etc. A dog can also be trained to respond to visual commands, i.e. hand gestures. Teaching good habits and discouraging bad ones is also part of obedience training.

Leash Training teaches a dog to walk calmly by your side while on a leash. It's necessary because when your Basset is not in your home or in a fenced yard, he should be on a leash.

Final Tip

Proper Basset Hound training leads to a well-behaved, well-adjusted and more enjoyable dog. If you're planning to get a Basset Hound or already have one, make a point to spend some quality time together mastering the basics.

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