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Fun and Games for You and Your Dog

Hello there Basset Hound lovers! Special guest columnist, Hunter's adoptive Dad, to share with you a very important topic. A topic that is very near and dear to our dog, Hunter, and likely every Basset Hound around the world. Toys! That's right, Toys!

The first time we took Hunter to the veterinarian as a teeny, tiny crossed eyed pup his Doctor reviewed with us "safe toys" and "not so safe toys". We were advised to be watchful of some rawhide chew toys because tiny shards may get lodged in a dog's belly... and that would be a bad thing. The doctor then praised some other chew toys like Nylabone.

But if you want to talk about FUN, and good ole rough-housing with your Basset Hound, I have two recommendations.


Hunter's #2 favorite Basset Hound toy...
the big, blue, stuffed octopus.

Picture: Hunter, with his favored Basset Hound toy, big blue octopus

Hunter, hanging out with Ollie, his favored Basset Hound toy

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That's right, a big, blue octopus. He loves the plush toys that make animal sounds. But without a doubt, his favorite is Ollie, the blue octopus. Hunter will play tug-of-war with it, fetch it, and really enjoys rough housing with that toy.

He also plays with it by himself... lots of time wrestling with it and tossing it around. But the most amazing thing is that he, um, gets jiggy with it (if you know what I mean). Hunter is the least dominant dog I ever met. Whenever there are other dogs around, he just wants to hang out and has no desire to be the alpha male. He prefers omega. But when the mood strikes him, which seems to be every day after eating his dinner, he meanders over to his toy box, drags his blue octopus into a different room, slaps it around a bit, and then does the dominant thing. It's hilarious to watch; Hunter can be quite the exhibitionist.

One day my Aunt was over while Hunter was playing with the octopus. She saw how much fun he was having and decided to get her dog the blue octopus. She told us later that her dog did the same playful routine as Hunter. So based on a sample size of two dogs, Ollie the Blue Octopus is a winner. I think it's definitely a favorite Basset Hound stuffed animal.


OK, for something a bit on the tamer side, here's a Basset Hound toy that your dog will love. And you'll love it too. Ready? And be prepared to thank me for this piece of info. I present... the laser pointer. "What???" That's right, no typo there. The same laser pointer that is sitting in some unused pocket in your book bag or brief case is a world class Basset Hound toy.

Just point that red dot on the floor and watch your Basset Hound try to get it. We move the dot along the floor, around furniture, in and out of different rooms and Hunter vigorously chases after it, barking relentlessly as he tries to track it down and pounce.

This is also a great toy for you. Imagine being too tired to play after a long day at work, or maybe it's rainy or too cold to go outside, or you just need to sit and rest for a bit. But, your dog is bugging you to play with him! With the laser pointer, all you have to do is point that red dot and your dog will be running after it wherever it goes. An assistant at our veterinarian's office actually recommended this to us.

I have three favorite things I like to do with this Basset Hound toy...

1) Move it slowly up a wall and then onto the ceiling. Slowly move it across the ceiling to another wall. Then quickly down the other wall, onto the floor, and off to another room. During that whole time, our Hunter is watching, waiting, wagging his tail, and barking in anticipation while he waits for the red dot to come back down.

2) I have my wife lie on the floor, then I move the red dot so it appears like it went underneath her. Hunter will try to wedge his nose underneath my wife as he tries to find the red dot.

3) I also like to take Hunter outside at night and shine the red dot on the ground. He really loves to sprint across the yard and chase the dot.

It's fun for him and we love it too. Again, I highly recommend the laser pointer. It's a great Basset Hound toy for both you and your dog. And remember, the big, blue, stuffed octopus is a favorite Basset Hound stuffed animal.

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