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Adoption and Basset Hound Rescue

If you've decided that the Basset Hound is the pet for you, then please consider adopting from a Basset Hound rescue program.

Why Adopt?

According to 2008 estimates from the Humane Society of the United States, six to eight million dogs and cats enter shelters every year. Three to four million are euthanized because homes can not be found for these animals.

Simply put, there are many dogs (and cats) in need of a good home.

Unfortunately, many people who decide to become dog owners never consider adoption. Some don't know much about it. Others, mistakenly believe that rescued and sheltered dogs do not make good pets.

Actually there are many mixed-breed and purebred dogs available for adoption that would make great pets.

Of course, dog ownership is a long term commitment and therefore adoption should not be taken lightly. But if you've seriously considered the implications of owing a Basset Hound and have decided that this breed is right for you, then adoption from a Basset Hound rescue organization is one option to think about.

What's a Basset Hound Rescue Organization?

It's a group of volunteers who care for homeless Basset Hounds and work to find good homes for them. There are many rescue organizations across the United States and also in other countries.

As a matter of fact, rescue groups exist for most dog breeds. Those involved in breed rescue are knowledgeable volunteers who simply love dogs and the breed with which they have chosen to work.

Where do rescued Basset Hounds come from?

Some Basset Hounds are directly surrendered by their owners. Dogs are given up for various reasons including but not limited to circumstantial changes such as marriage, divorce, moving, new baby, health problems, owner's death, or financial problems.

Sometimes new owners give up their dogs because they did inadequate research before getting a dog and then decide that dog care is too much work. Other dogs are surrendered due to behavior issues (often due to a lack of or improper training on the owner's part).

Some rescue dogs are lost or abandoned strays, frequently turned over by shelters, whose owners can not be located. And finally others are rescued from situations in which they have been abused and / or neglected.

Most are adults or older adolescents. But, puppies are rescued every once in a while.

Do Rescued Dogs Make Good Pets?

Most dogs that are available for adoption from responsible rescue groups have the potential to become great pets and will thrive in a loving, compatible, and caring home.

Yes, it's true that some rescued dogs have problems. Some have minor behavior problems that can be fixed with proper training and care. Others, have major problems and special needs. Some have health issues. And others have no problems at all (other than being homeless).

But while many of these dogs have the potential to be good pets, a reputable rescue organization doesn't leave successful adoption to chance. While processes and procedures vary from rescue to rescue, a reputable Basset Hound rescue group will screen each dog to determine if it is adoptable.

One can expect that each rescue dog available for adoption has been evaluated by a veterinarian and has been given necessary medical care including vaccinations and if needed, has been spayed or neutered. In addition, the rescue group will evaluate each dog's temperament, training needs, and behavior. Many of the dogs actually live with a volunteer and are evaluated in a home environment before being placed.

After a dog has been screened, he can be matched to a compatible home that is suitable to meet his individual needs. Sometimes for various reasons a dog will only be placed in certain types of homes. For example, a dog that does not adapt well to an environment with other pets will only be placed into a home that does not have pets.

When considering potential homes, rescue organizations have the best interests of their dogs in mind. They are looking for compatible adopters willing to provide not only a loving home but also a long-term commitment for the life of the dog.

So... do rescue dogs make good pets? Yes! Those that have been properly screened and matched to compatible homes usually become great pets.

Girl enjoying her Basset Hound

What's the Process for Basset Hound Adoption?

In general, Basset Hound rescue organizations go through an assessment process with interested adopters. Usually, the first step for adopters is to fill out and submit an application.

Most rescue organizations require references. Some will want a veterinarian reference from those who currently or previously have cared for pets. Many will conduct a phone interview after receiving an application and a home visit. Others will verify with landlords (for those who rent) that dogs are allowed at the residence.

The assessment process helps the rescue organization identify potential adopters that most likely will practice responsible dog ownership and are able to provide permanent and loving homes. It also helps them place hounds into compatible homes that are suitable to meet the individual needs of a particular dog.

Of course procedures and timelines may vary but once an adopter has been approved, he'll be matched to a compatible hound, sign an adoption contract or agreement, and pay an adoption fee.

Before Contacting a Basset Hound Rescue Group...

Make sure that you have seriously considered the implications of owning a dog, specifically a Basset Hound, before contacting a rescue group.

Still wondering if Basset Hound ownership is for you? Here are Three Steps to Help You Decide.

All ready to adopt a Basset Hound? Then, congratulations! You'll want to work with a reputable rescue group. So here are some tips to help you evaluate a rescue organization from the Basset Hound Club of America. There are many wonderful Basset Hounds in need of loving homes. I wish you all the best on your journey to adopt a Basset Hound.

Adoption Resources

Here are some really good resources with more information about dog adoption.

Nose to the Ground to Help Hounds
A web site where shelters, prospective adopters, and adopters can find information and resources for Beagles, Basset Hounds, and mixes. This site's owner has had bassets, beagles and mixes for most of her life. She "loves those hounds!" She has managed shelters and was a cofounder of BONES (Beagles of New England States).

Lost Souls: FOUND! Inspiring Stories About Basset Hounds
This book is a wonderful collection of true, short stories about homeless Basset Hounds who have been rescued and adopted. The stories are written by members of rescue organizations and those who have fostered and adopted. Each story is about two to four pages long including a photo of the dog. Some stories are sad because they describe horrible treatment and / or conditions that a dog previously lived through and therefore became a 'lost soul'. But ultimately each soul is found as the dogs overcome their past and become cherished family members who enrich the lives of those around them. Recommended to those who love Basset Hounds, potential owners / adopters, those interested in fostering, and any dog lover. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from each book is donated to Basset Hound rescue groups. Available in paperback or Kindle Edition.

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Did You Adopt a Basset Hound?

If so, please share your adoption story! Whether you adopted from Basset Hound rescue, a shelter, or other write about your experience here. Here are a few questions to consider as you write your story... Why did you decide to adopt? Where did you adopt from? Was it a positive or negative experience? Would you adopt a dog again? What's your dog's story, i.e. why was he available for adoption?

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Featured Basset Hound Rescue Organizations

Here is a list of some featured rescue organizations by location served. Click links below for more information. Please contact me with information if you would like a page about your organization included on this site.


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