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Basset Hound Rescue

Serving New York State. Coverage area does not include New York City or Long Island.

If you live in the State of New York and are seriously interested in Basset Hound adoption, then contact All Bassets Cherished Basset Hound Rescue, Inc.

This rescue organization is a volunteer-run, non-profit corporation dedicated to finding forever homes for homeless Basset Hounds. While Bassets are waiting to be adopted, they are cared for in loving foster homes.

Visit the All Bassets Cherished website for more details on their Basset Hound adoption procedures and available dogs.

Other rescues serving NY:
Tri-State Rescue serves lower New York.

Before filling out that application...
Make sure that you have seriously considered the implications of owning a dog, specifically a Basset Hound.

Each rescue dog has already experienced the loss of a home and worse yet some may have been abused or neglected. Therefore, it's not difficult to understand why rescue organizations have the best interests of their dogs in mind. When considering potential homes, a rescue organization looks for compatible adopters willing to provide not only a loving home but also a long-term commitment for the life of the dog.

Wondering if Basset Hound ownership is for you? Here are Three Steps to Help You Decide.

All ready for Basset Hound adoption? Then, congratulations! There are many wonderful Basset Hounds in need of loving homes. I wish you all the best on your journey to adopt a Basset Hound.

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My Basset Hound, Hunter

My dog, Hunter!
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