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Basset Hound Puppy or Adult?

Which to Choose...

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You have decided to get a Basset Hound and are ready to be a responsible dog owner. Great! Now you should consider whether you want a puppy or an older dog. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Which option is best for you?

To help you decide, here are some things to consider as you examine your lifestyle, needs, and wants.

Are You a Basset Hound Puppy Person?

Puppies are so adorable. Most people enjoy playing with and cuddling a puppy. But, raising a puppy is hard work. Why? Because puppies need a lot of attention, care, and training.

Before running out to get one, consider this question...

Do you have the time, energy, and patience to raise a puppy? If you're not sure, here's what is involved...

After you bring your Basset Hound puppy home, he will not know how to behave or what is expected of him. He will have accidents in the house and may chew on everything in sight. He may nip at you and / or jump up onto you. Some of these behaviors are definitely undesirable and while others are cute, they quickly become annoying as your puppy grows into a full size dog.

Therefore, you will need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort training your puppy to grow into a well-behaved and well-adjusted adult dog. You should learn how to train your puppy and actively participate in the process. At a minimum, your Basset Hound puppy needs the following training:

  • housetraining
  • socialization
  • behavior training including basic commands
  • leash training.

Your young puppy in training needs a lot supervision and initially can be left alone only for short periods of time. When he is not in a secured area such as a crate or a small section of the house, he must be watched at all times.

So you ask... what's your point? Well, my point is... Puppies are time consuming! If you don't have some extra time on hand, then it might not be the best time for you to get a Basset Hound puppy. On the other hand, if you do have the time, energy, and patience to learn how to raise a puppy and the will to follow through, then it can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Why You Should Consider an Older Basset Hound...

No time or desire to raise a Basset Hound puppy? Then consider getting an older Basset Hound. In general, an older dog is much easier to care for and requires less supervision than a puppy.

Many homeless Basset Hounds are available for adoption from breed rescue organizations and often from shelters. Occasionally, older dogs are also available from good breeders.

If you decide to get an older dog, you have the opportunity to find one that 'fits' into your lifestyle with qualities that you want. With an adult dog, what you see is what you get. Temperament and personality have already developed. Therefore, you will have a good idea of how the dog behaves. You can evaluate and judge a dog and find one that is perfect for you and your family.

No time or patience for training? Many older Basset Hounds are already trained and if not, will most likely learn more quickly than a puppy. Also, older dogs can be left alone for longer periods of time than puppies. Have children? Then find one that is good with kids. Have a cat? I bet you can find one that is comfortable around other pets.

When adopting, it's a good idea to understand why a dog is available. Some have behavior problems due to a lack of training. Others have emotional baggage due to past abuse or neglect. Others are simply homeless. Some have health problems.

When considering an adult dog, background information may or may not be available. But, a veterinarian can help determine if the dog has any medical needs as many health problems are already apparent by age one. Also, with a little bit of work many behavior problems are solvable.

Given time to adjust and settle in, adult Basset Hounds usually are quite adaptable to living with new owners.

Finally, an older Basset Hound can become a wonderful companion to someone who does not have the time and / or desire to raise a puppy but does have time to provide plenty of love and attention.

Puppy vs Adult Basset Hound

Here are some more points to consider. In general...

A puppy is more time consuming than an older dog due to his training needs and requires more supervision.

With a young Basset Hound puppy, you have some influence over personality and future behavior. In addition to housetraining and basic commands, you can raise your puppy to be comfortable around adults, children, and other pets.

Occasionally, older dogs are available from good breeders.

By choosing a responsible breeder for a puppy or older dog, you have greater certainty of the dog's quality including good health and sound temperament.

If you adopt a puppy or older dog, you may or may not have background information.

It is usually more expensive to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder than it is to adopt an adult dog.

Adult dogs tend to be calmer. Although the Basset Hound is a laid back and easy going breed (usually not described as high energy), young adults and adolescents definitely have more energy.

Which to Choose... Basset Hound Puppy or Adult?

At the end of the day, that's a decision only you can make.

While both have pros and cons, a large part of your decision should be based on how much time you have to spend with your future pet while also considering your lifestyle, needs, and wants. If you do not have time to train and raise a puppy, then an older dog can be a fabulous option!

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